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"Engage in all-out war in Sinai Desert, a scorching hot battlefield located just East of El-Jifar. From infantry skirmishes in the narrow streets of the village of Bir el Mazar to dogfights above the majestic cliffs, you’ll need to make tactical use of the dunes as you engage in explosive battles. When all hope is lost, reinforcements will arrive in the shape of a powerful Behemoth: a deadly Armored Train charging through the desert sands."

— Official website description

Sinai Desert is a multiplayer map featured in Battlefield 1. It is set within the Sinai Peninsula during the Raid on Bir el Mazar in the British Sinai and Palestine Campaign. The map features the Armored Train as the Behemoth as well as a raging sand storm that severely reduces visibility.

The map was featured in the open beta for Battlefield 1.[1]


The most prominent landmark on the blistering stretch of Sinai Desert where this map takes place is the rural hilltop town of Mazar, at the head of a windswept canyon. A vital transport hub and strategic asset, this modest Middle-Eastern metropolis is composed of a network of dirt streets, alleyways and military fortifications, enclosed by adobe structures bleached white in the desert sun. The town favors infantry and vehicles alike, with most surrounding points of interest lying comfortably within walking distance.

However, just north of civilization lies nothing but vast, uninterrupted desert plains. Other than the many sandy ridges and rocky outcroppings dotting the expanse, the desert is mostly featureless, and is treacherous to those crossing on foot due to its sheer scale. These two starkly contrasted areas are separated by a railway that runs horizontally from the base of the town's hill to the map edges, and is further bordered to the south-east and south-west by high cliffs, some of which can be scaled for a vantage point of the town, and the desolation beyond.


The Behemoth for this map is the Armored Train, which spawns on the railroad by the team's deployment. The railroad passes through Mazar Station, and beside Nelson Ridge and Maghara Battery, allowing for quick capture of each flag.

(A second, unused line that has been sabotaged can be found in the southwest of the desert.)

Control Points


Control Point Conquest Domination Rush Operations Frontlines
British Deployment BF1 United Kingdom Icon
Katia Redoubt 1A
Romani Redoubt 1B
Sonsuz Redoubt BF1 United Kingdom Icon 1A
2A BF1 United Kingdom Icon
Sonsuz Camp 2B
Ruins A
Maghara Battery A 2A
Burj Battery 3B
Supply Pit 4A
Jabal Canyon B BF1 Sentry Icon 3A
Open Plains B
Mountain Pass C
Mazar Entrance A BF1 Ottoman Empire Icon
Mazar Wireless C B 5A
Mazar Station D 5A
Mazar Water Tower C 5C
Mazar Outskirts E BF1 Flame Trooper Icon BF1 Ottoman Empire Icon
Nelson Ridge F
Dune Outpost G BF1 Tank Hunter Icon
Ottoman Deployment BF1 Ottoman Empire Icon


As most objectives are situated south of the railway and proximal to the town, combat on Conquest is concentrated in this zone and is varied, consisting of close and medium range infantry actions, in addition to armored combat permitted by the wide streets. On the outskirts of the town, however, are objectives that are comparatively remote, requiring vehicles to travel to in good time, and are much more open, leaving troops vulnerable to sniper attack from the surrounding cliffs as long as the weather permits. North of the railway, a single objective is positioned far out into the desert. This isolated expanse, mostly inhospitable to the infantry, is prime battleground for the extensive cavalry, tanks, and aircraft available to each army.


BF1 United Kingdom Icon British Empire
Light vehicle(s)

2 Horses
1 RNAS Armored Car
2 MC 18J Sidecar


2 FT-17/Mark V/A7V/Artillery Truck/St Chamond/Putilov-Garford

Fixed-wing aircraft

3 Sopwith Camel/Bristol F2.B/Airco DH.10/Ilya-Muromets

BF1 Ottoman Empire Icon Ottoman Empire
Light vehicle(s)

2 Horses
1 RAC Armored Car
2 MC 3.5HP Sidecar


2 FT-17/Mark V/A7V/Artillery Truck/St Chamond/Putilov-Garford

Fixed-wing aircraft

3 Albatros D.III/Rumpler C.I/Hansa-Brandenburg G.I/Ilya-Muromets

Self-propelled artillery

Armored Train (Behemoth)


Maxim MG
FK 96

Battle pickup(s)

MG 08/15
Tankgewehr M1918


In Conquest, each team's deployment is connected to the other via a railway line that twists horizontally across the map. The Ottoman deployment is on the east end of the line while the British base is on the west end.

British Deployment

The British Empire deploy adjacent to a roadway on the map's north-western perimeter, amongst the foundation of some ancient stone ruins lined with pillars known as Sonsuz. Their closest objective, Maghara Battery, is by the mouth of the canyon to the direct east, with the Jabal Canyon flag located inside.

Ottoman Deployment

The Ottoman Empire deploy around a series of rocky outcrops to the north-east, on a dusty roadway running parallel with the railway running southbound towards their closest objective, Nelson Ridge, and the town Outskirts just beyond.


Each flag spawns a neutral Armored Car and a Motorcycle when captured. Maghara Battery and Nelson Ridge grant a forward spawn for the team's two tanks only when held by the British Empire and the Ottoman Empire, respectively.

Maghara Battery

The artillery battery is the most westerly flag, standing between the British base further west, and Jabal Canyon to the south-east. The railway runs through this capture zone. The flag consists of a defensive line of trenches running parallel to the flag, in which a number of inoperable howitzers stand, wrapped in canvas tarpaulins. The trenches, which are lined with wooden fences and sandbags, provide the most rudimentary of cover in this otherwise completely open capture zone, with those seizing the flag exposed to fire from the cliffs to the east.

When held by the British, this flag grants a forward tank spawn. There are no neutral emplacements at this objective.

Jabal Canyon

The Ammunition Depot is located in a gorge within the rocky crags of the south-west side of the map. Surrounded from all sides by steep cliff faces, there are limited entryways into the capture zone, such as to the west, east and north-east, however an arched rock formation to the south produces a natural ramp for infantry to reach the top of the cliffs, and thus cover the objective from above. However, this archway can be destroyed with enough shellfire or explosives, cutting off foot access to the summit. A second bridge, constructed of wood and also destructible, connects the upper cliff loop to a small overhang. At ground level, the flag sits in a supply trench covered with camouflage netting, which provides decent directional cover, as do the many boulders that litter the desert floor.

The Sentry elite class pickup is found in the trench at this objective, in addition to an FK 96 emplaced on a rocky outcrop across the clearing south of the flag itself. A Maxim MG is set up below the rocky overhang to defend the western approach.

Mazar Wireless

A radio antenna stands in a clearing at the top of the central hill, on the map's southern extremities. In contrast with the surrounding area, the capture zone, which extends to some of the buildings on the west side of the clearing, is open and relatively flat, save for the small hillock surrounded by light defences on which the flag itself is located.

The rest of the town is a maze of roads and alleys at different elevations, that form avenues between rows of large buildings (most of which are multi-story and have roof access via ladder). Those capturing the objectives should be wary of these elevated positions when seizing this exposed objective, as the buildings can act as both hiding places and cover spots for attacking infantry. Air-based munitions or shellfire can be applied to reduce these fighting positions to rubble, making armored vehicles valuable assets in this environment, but be wary that they will have little room to manoeuvre and are vulnerable to close-range ambush. In the case of aircraft, it should be noted that while the radio mast itself can be collided with, the guy wires supporting the structure will not impede movement of vehicles.

A number of Maxim MGs are set up within the central line of sandbag fortifications ambient to the flag itself, along with a QF 1-Pounder AA gun. On the rooftops of the buildings overlooking the canyon to the east are more pintle-mounted Maxims.

Mazar Station

Sitting at the base of the central village hill, the train station is the midpoint in the railway that spans the map. At this point on the line, the railway splits to form a siding, where two cargo railcars are parked. Although easily blasted apart by shellfire, these containers are the only obstruction in a highly open capture radius, which extends to the platform to the north, a short distance into the desert of the south, and encompasses the track in-between—all of these areas are mostly devoid of cover, save for a few ramshackle fighting positions on the perimeter that can act as light protection.

A QF 1 AA is emplaced within a ring of sandbags on the north side of the track, parallel to the platform. A number of Maxim Guns are installed inside the cargo carriages found stationary in the siding, with another positioned atop the station building. Three functional FK 96 field guns are found amongst the fighting positions, close to the rails.

Mazar Outskirts

The Outskirts objective is located on the main road on the south-east side of the map, and takes the form of a partially walled compound enclosing two ruined homesteads, sitting atop a raised hillock. Although initially protected by high perimeter walls, these can easily be reduced using explosives or crushing with heavy vehicles, opening up the objective considerably. The houses, which have an upper floor, a basement, and roof access, can be used for cover, but they too can be destroyed during the seizure of this flag, which due to the small capture radius, often occurs at close range.

The Flame Trooper elite class Battle Pickup is located by this objective. Two FK 96 field guns stand on opposite ends of the compound exterior, with one being located in the open field directly south of the flag itself, and another found along the wall by the north gate. A water tower to the south offers coverage of the outskirts and the radio tower area.

Nelson Ridge

Two rocky inselbergs stand to the north-east of the railroad on the eastern perimeter of the map, parallel to the railroad. These cliffs, which are graduated into three levels of ascending height, allow for an elevated view of the area as well as defilade from enemies at ground level -- infantry and vehicles can ascend each level via slopes.

When held by the Ottomans, their two tanks can be spawned here. The southern rock has an FK 96 covering the railroad on the east side of the second elevated ridge, while the northern rock has another cannon facing the desert on the north-west side of the same level.

Dune Outpost

This flag is in the desert far north of the map, isolated from its closest neighbouring objectives by a half-kilometer slog through the sand. The flag is within a military outpost comprised of two buildings separated by a camouflaged supply depot. The larger of the two structures, found on the south-west side of the compound, offers view of the surrounding dunes from its ladder-accessed rooftop. The smaller, partially ruined building to the north-east provides similar utility. The flag has a massive capture area, which extends a considerable distance past the Outpost walls into the desert -- up to 100m in places. This unique feature allows the flag to be captured by planes circling above, and provides a large area for those seizing the objective to hide within.

The Tank Hunter elite class Battle Pickup is located here, amongst the central encampment, directly adjacent to the flag itself. This flag grants access to a Horse and an Aircraft for spawning when captured. Defenses include a QF 1 AA gun emplaced on the roof of the larger building, and an FK 96 found on the south-east side of the smaller building. To the north of the flag, another AA gun and FK 96 are located on a shallow ridge overlooking the objective.


Sinai Desert is the third and last map in Oil of Empires in Operations. After a long campaign, the British seek to finally drive the Ottoman Army out of the Middle-East, leaving their own Empire the victors on the sub-continent.

Sector 1

The British attack across the desert floor, with significant mechanized support, towards the Ottoman lines in the rocky outcroppings to their east. At this stage, there is barely any cover aside from said outcroppings and a few meagre sandbag emplacements. Thus the British must rely on their armour to draw fire for their infantry. The Ottomans, who can control strong elevated positions from the north-east and south-east, are left without stationary artillery support (save for a single QF-1 AA gun), and are left with little choice but to pit men against tanks. The two objectives of this sector are situated about raised, rocky plateaus jutting out of the desert sand. One of these Redoubts found adjacent to the train line to the north-east, while the other lies slightly closer to the British spawn point, near the canyon's southern walls.

The British are allocated three tanks, an RNAS Armored Car, as well as several M30 Scout cars and cavalrymen. In the air, a lone Ottoman plane is left to face against a similarly isolated British aircraft.

Sector 2

The next defensive line is located within the ancient ruins of the British's Conquest spawn, the Sonsuz Redoubt. Here, the Ottomans are more prepared as the mechanized attack faces a number of field guns and heavy machine guns embedded in the ruins. An objective can be found at both the north and south outskirts of the site.

The British light vehicles are reduced in number but their main force of tanks is preserved. Meanwhile, a single Ottoman tank is sent to face them.

Sector 3

The Maghara Battery objectives across from the ruins are bordered by more open desert, although the amount of cover increases on approach to the trench line. Scaling the cliffs to the south or the inselberg to the north is an alluring prospect when attempting to cover the low ground. The first objective of the sector is located in the same approximate position as the Conquest flag, while another is located further south along the trench line.

At this stage, the British can operate only two tanks.

Sector 4

Sector 4 is split between the floor of the Jabal Canyon and the Supply Pit in the dunes to the north-east. The Canyon is a significant natural choke point, with the upper cliffs providing firing points against the lower objectives. The Supply Pit is similarly exposed, and attackers can find themselves under fire from in front and behind depending on who controls the high ground.

Sector 5

The last sector is the most expansive, requiring the British to take and hold three objectives at once within the city limits of Mazar. The first is the Railway station to the north, the second the clearing housing the wireless tower to the south, and the third is far to the east, near a water tower.

If the attack is successful, the Operation is over with the British as the ultimate victors.


Frontlines on Sinai Desert is fought between the western outskirts of Mazar and the ruins of the Sonsuz Redoubt.

Each team is allocated a single tank and two horses.

British Base

The British telegraphs are found on the east side of Sonsuz. One is located on the south-east side of the site, around the Operations objective of Sonsuz Camp. The second is by a row of pillars on the north-west side.


The Ruins objective is set amongst the open dunes and rocky outcroppings between Burj Battery and Sonsuz. The wide open area forces players to leave the cover of the nearby cliffs and dugouts to enter the capture zone, which has barely any cover. Players prone behind the low rises and at the lip of the dunes may still be attacked from high ground to the south. Heavy vehicles may be necessary to win the ground at this point.

Open Plains

The central objective is around the arched rock formation that leads up to the cliffs above Jabal Canyon. The structure is collapsed at the start of the round, preventing access to the elevated platform and placing the objective flag in the middle of the rockfall debris. The capture zone extends to both sides of the former archway, the once supporting rock walls form an impenetrable barrier between players on opposite sides of the collapse, which limits the amount of firing positions and requires teams to flank each other in order win momentum at the objective. The canyon floor route is itself open, facilitating such a manoeuvre.

Mountain Pass

The Mountain Pass objective is concentrated around the buildings outside the eastern exit out of the canyon, southeast of the Supply Pit and west of Mazar town. The approaches are somewhat exposed for the attacking team, while the Ottomans have a safer spawn up the hill, obscured by the buildings. Inside the capture zone, these buildings form the majority of cover so long as they remain standing.

Ottoman Base

The Ottoman telegraphs are within the city limits of Mazar. The first objective is in the middle of town, on the ground floor of a building on the north side of the clearing housing Mazar Wireless, and directly adjacent to a street with two burning tank hulks. The second objective on the north side of town, amongst the cluster of buildings beside the main road known as Mazar Entrance.


In Rush gamemode, the British Empire advances upon an Ottoman Empire telegraph network leading into the city.

Sector 1

The defending team starts in the western Conquest deployment, among ancient ruins. Many large columns remain standing, but may possibly be knocked down with heavy fire.

During this initial stage, the attackers are equipped with two tanks, two horses and two Scout Cars, in addition to the Flame Trooper battle pickup. The defenders are allotted one tank, and a number of FK 96 guns set up along the north side of the sector, near objective A.

Sector 2

Advancing eastwards, attackers must clear the Maghara Battery. Objective A at the north end of the trench line, while objective B is further south.

At this point, the attackers gain access to the Sentry elite class, which can be picked up from behind a rock about 75m directly west of objective B. The defenders emplacements consist of an FK 96 and a Maxim MG behind objective A, another Maxim in the trench covering B, and another cannon on the raised plateau of the inselberg between the two objectives.

Sector 3

The defenders retreat to Jabal Canyon, gaining some valuable cover from a massive rock structure. Both objectives are hidden within the canyon at ground level. Objective A is in a camouflaged trench, and Objective B is along the southern wall, by the western canyon entrance.

At this stage, the attackers lose their light vehicles, forcing them to rely on their two horses and single armored vehicle for transport. Meanwhile, the defenders too are issued only a one tank, in addition to the Tank Hunter elite class in the eastern canyon entrance. Their static defences include a Maxim MG covering the western entrance to the canyon, emplaced by objective B, while another is set up to cover A from the rock shelf by the north-east entrance. An FK 96 is found near the south-east end of the gorge.

Sector 4

Ottoman forces regroup at the west edge of Mazar. Objective A is hidden within outcroppings near the railway, near an ammunition dump. Objective B is further south near buildings defended by machine gun nests.

The attackers lose all tank support for this assault, but still retain their two horses. The defenders still have access to their single tank, in addition to a large number of heavy machine guns, set up in two lines around the objectives. At the mouth of the canyon on the south-western outskirts, a Maxim is set up in a sandbag MG nest adjacent to B, while another Maxim and an FK 96 are found within a hexagonal fighting position directly north of A. Behind the first line, further up the hill, two more Maxim guns and a field gun are oriented towards the draws at each objective, beside which is the Sentry elite class pickup, who can act as a mobile HMG nest. The shells stored in the ammunition dump can be set off by damage, and can prove deadly to vehicles that collide with them.

Sector 5

The British close in on the Radio Antenna within the town proper. Objective B is located in the center of the clearing next to the radio mast itself, while objective A is found within the ground floor of a house on the north-east side of the clearing.

The attackers have only a pair of horses left, while the defenders retain their tank. Two FK 96s and a Maxim stand at the east side of the clearing parallel to A, on the opposite side of the objective building to another FK 96 on the north side. Another Maxim is emplaced near the map boundary to the south of B.


Domination encompasses the town of Mazar, as well as an expanse of desert to the east and the Train Station building to the south - the rest of the station objective is cut off. Two of the objectives are found within the city while the third is situated outside the city limits.

Mazar Entrance

Sinai Desert Domination Mazar Entrance

Mazar Entrance is found within a cluster of houses close to the northern edge of town, near the train station. Line of sight at the capture radius is obscured by a number of small homes, the interiors of which can be used to take the objective. Although these buildings can be destroyed, it is by far the least exposed of the three capture points. A Sentry kit spawns on the bottom floor of a house across the road south-east of this objective.

Mazar Water Tower

Sinai Desert Domination Mazar Water Tower

The Mazar Water Tower is found on a raised plateau to the east of the city. The tower are surrounding cliffs are positions favoured by defenders, who can pick off infantry rushing in to seize the objective. A few ruined buildings in the periphery can provide rudimentary cover. Fire support from the buildings in the town can assist those making the crossing.

Mazar Wireless

Sinai Desert Domination Mazar Wireless

The Mazar Wireless point is in the middle of the clearing on the city's southern border. The objective location offers little cover from the surrounding buildings, but leaves little choice as the capture zone does not extend to their interiors.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch shares the same map borders as Domination, with fighting concentrated within the town and its immediate outskirts.

War Pigeons

War Pigeons takes place within the same map boundaries as Team Deathmatch and Domination.


DICE announced the second map of Incursions is Sinai Desert with a new gamemode called "King of the Hill". King of the Hill mode has three sectors per half. To win a match, team need to win four sectors. Each sector has one flag to contest. Holding the flag generates tickets, and the first team to fill a set wins the sector. No other action than holding the flag contributes to tickets. When a sector is completed, both teams are transferred to the next sector.

Three sectors featuring rocky landscapes, close quarter village combat, and a Devil's Pot in a completely new archeology dig site.[2]



  • During preview of the Open Beta, compass directions were not consistent between Conquest and Rush, and possibly also between the Attacking and Defending team's map in Rush.
  • Sinai Desert Conquest Pre-Alpha

    Sinai Desert as it appeared during Open Beta.

    The Open Beta had flag letters arranged in roughly reverse order, with A and B to the west, E to the south, and F and G to the east.
  • The Conquest objective names were different in the Beta compared to release:
    • Maghara Battery was Artillery Base
    • Jabal Canyon was Ammunition Depot
    • Mazar Wireless was Antenna
    • Mazar Station was Train Station
    • Mazar Outskirts was Outskirts
    • Nelson Ridge was Cliff Lookout
    • Dune Outpost was Desert Outpost
  • The rocky archway that provides passage from the ground to the mountain near B flag on Conquest can be destroyed by repeated explosions. This is useful as a means of 'trapping' enemies who are on the mountain (i.e. snipers), as if they want to get off the mountain, they will either have to jump, or redeploy. The rubble of the archway can be used to climb up, however.
  • This map is reused for the levels Young Men's Work, and Hear The Desert in War Story Nothing Is Written, with each being in day and night time respectively.
  • In the game files this map is named MP_Desert.
  • The internal name for this map in Incursions is MP_Desert_Callisto.


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