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Gehl 6635

A Skid Loader in reality.

The Gehl 6635 Skid-Steer Loader is a construction vehicle equipped with lift arms designed to move obstacles out of the way, such as mud, snow, and gravel.

Battlefield 3[]

"4 wheel drive skid-steer loader."

— Battlelog description

The Skid Loader is a vehicle featured in the Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand expansion. The Skid Loader has no offensive capabilities, but can still perform a Roadkill.

On Wake Island, it is found at the Airfield, near the main building. On Sharqi Peninsula and Gulf of Oman, it is found at their respective Construction Sites. It only appears in Conquest Assault mode.

While the glass pane of the driver seat provides some measure of protection, passengers are very much exposed to small-arms fire, as one sits in the front on the lift (second seat), and the other sits on the back (third seat).

It is very difficult for the driver to see out of the skid loader in first person view, reducing situational awareness to a minimum, so using third person view is recommended. While the skid loader's body is resistant to small arms fire, one AT rocket round (SMAW or RPG-7v2) will disable or even destroy the vehicle. Unlike most other light vehicles, the Skid Loader cannot be damaged by Heavy Machine Guns, and can still drive normally while disabled.


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Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
9dUrh Like a Boss Got a kill with the Skid Loader. 30G Silver Trophy

Battlefield 4[]

The Skid Loader is a vehicle featured in the Battlefield 4: Second Assault and Dragon's Teeth expansion. It functions identically to its Battlefield 3 counterpart, except that it now has a faster acceleration and a higher top speed. The driver is now able to move the loader up and down for different situations. Revised disable mechanics of the game have now made the skid loader more resilient to damage.

Battlefield Hardline[]

The Skid Loader appears in Battlefield Hardline on numerous maps. It features the same model as Battlefield 4 though it is never available to drive by the player.


  • The Skid Loader has a KKC marking on the side. This is a large multinational corporation (fictional). Logos can be seen on Grand Bazaar and Tehran Highway.
  • In Battlefield 4, if the player equips Target Detector on the primary weapon, standing on the back of a skid loader (secondary vehicle position), and aiming down the sight. Enemies in certain range will be painted with an orange silhouette effect similar to that of a Killcam.

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