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Skiing is a means of transportation or recreational activity which involves the use of two narrow strips of semi-rigid material worn underfoot known as skis. Ski Warfare is the use of ski-equipped troops in war. Nordic countries have used ski warfare for centuries. During World War I, the Italian Army used ski warfare during fighting in the Alpine Arch. In World War II, ski troops played a key role in the Finnish war effort against the Soviet Union in the Winter War of 1939. Skis were common means of transportation for Norwegian soldiers during the Norwegian Campaign of 1940. Other countries such as the United States and Australia used ski troops in mountainous regions during the war.[1]

Battlefield V[]

Skis are a gadget featured in Battlefield V, being first seen in the Battlefield V - Official Single Player Trailer. They appear in the singleplayer War Story Nordlys, usable by the player character Solveig as a means of transportation around levels.

The skis are usable during the first and third acts of the War Story. During this time they are always in the player's inventory and can be equipped at any time by cycling through gadgets. When selected a short animation plays of Solvieg taking the skis off her back and putting them on her feet, although switching back from skis is near instantaneous. When worn, the player can walk around using the skis as normal, which allows them to move across non-snow terrain and climb slopes. When on snow or going down a hill, players can use the sprint button to use the skis to glide, giving much greater speed when on foot, which can be increased or reduced akin to vehicle throttle controls. Players cannot jump while using the skis, although the gadget allows users to survive high falls onto snow and gain enough speed to clear obstacles or gaps. Weapons can also not be used when skiing, with the exception of the Throwing Knife and Distraction Lures.