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Battlefield 2042[]

Smart Explosives are throwable gadgets carried exclusively by Specialist Emma "Sundance" Rosier in Battlefield 2042.

Each explosive can operate in one of three modes:

Self-propelled drone capable of seeking nearby vehicles, including air vehicles. Vehicle operators receive a weapon lock warning so long as the grenade is chasing them. It remains to be seen what ground vehicle equipment may be capable of detering the grenade, but Missile Countermeasures can protect air vehicles.
EMP Field
Disrupts enemy electronics with five electromagnetic pulses. Though not designed for physical damage, the EMP grenade nonetheless inflicts slight shockwave damage on each pulse, and can potentially kill players with 1 HP remaining.
Deploys explosive sub-munitions for increased damage. The main charge is time-fuzed, and so may explode in mid-air. The submunitions spread further apart the higher up they begin.

Rosier regenerates one grenade roughly every 20 seconds.

Separate kill credits are awarded for each grenade type (including EMP Field), and further so for the Scatter's main charge and sub-munitions.