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"These grenades create a blinding cloud of smoke which also blocks spotting."

— In-game description

The Smoke Grenade is a grenade option in Battlefield 1. It functions similarly to its counterpart in Battlefield 4, but visually the smoke is emitted and thickens progressively unlike any previous game in the series. Smoke clouds are also slightly affected by other explosions (such as airburst mortars), although they aren't completely stopped.

Up to the grenade's maximum effective radius, it will break spotting, including any active spots. Within the smoke cloud, players will have difficulty seeing due to an additional blinding effect. Aim assist will be disabled while inside the smoke cloud.



  • Despite the Smoke Grenade (and Rifle grenade - SMK gadget) ostensibly not dealing any damage, it does have a kill counter and can under rare circumstances kill players.[1]