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"Used to cover advances, retreats or distractions. Great to use when to obscure wounded comrades, before attempting a revive."

— In-game Description

The Smoke Grenade is a throwable gadget featured in Battlefield 2042. Unlocked by level 1, it is also the default grenade of the Recon and Support Classes instead of the Frag Grenade. It functions in a similar manner to other titles, releasing thick smoke for visual concealment. Player can carry 2 grenades at a time and able to resupply with Ammo Crate.

As of Master of Arms, smoke implements can shorten the duration of Incendiary Grenades, or even prevent them from igniting inside an existing smokescreen.[1]


  • The Smoke Grenade is used to unlock by lvl 12. This was changed in Update 5.2.0.