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Not to be confused with IR Smoke, Smoke Grenade, or Operation Smoke Screen

A smoke screen can be released to mask the movement or location of military units such as infantry, tanks, aircraft or ships. Smoke screens are commonly deployed either by a canister (such as a grenade) or exhaust gases generated by a vehicle (such as a tank, warship, or aircraft).

Modern smoke systems can defend against heat-seeking weaponry (and possibly also laser-guided weaponry) by incorporating burning or reflective metals to obscure a vehicle's heat signature.

Battlefield 4[]

"Releases a thick cloud of smoke that visually obstructs the vehicle and makes it impossible for incoming missiles to achieve precise critically damaging shots."

— Battlelog Description

Smoke Screen is a vehicle specialization featured in Battlefield 4. Unlike IR Smoke, incoming missiles will not lose their designation to the vehicle target but will instead not achieve any shots with critical damage. There is also momentary protection against spotting. The cloud of smoke is large enough to block sightlines and entryways, but it dissipates quickly. It can also obscure vision when inside the cloud, like the Smoke Grenade. Its low cooldown time compared to other countermeasures allows it to be used frequently.

Battlefield Hardline[]

"Releases a thick cloud of smoke that visually obstructs the vehicle."

— Battlelog Description

Smoke Screen is a vehicle specialization featured in Battlefield Hardline, functioning in a manner similar to that of the Battlefield 4 specialization.

Battlefield V[]

Vehicles of Battlefield V have various means of generating smoke:


Smoke is a ground vehicle specialization, and among the defaults for many of them. It creates a cloud of smoke around the vehicle. Although it obscures vision in all directions, it also offers concealment from above.

Smoke Launcher[]

Smoke Launcher is a ground vehicle specialization that can optionally replace the regular Smoke generator. Once activated, it launches a smoke screen in front of the turret to obscure visibility. The Smoke Launcher preserves vision around and behind the vehicle, but also from above.

Smoke Screen[]

Smoke Screen is an air vehicle specialization featured in Battlefield V. It creates a cloud of smoke behind aircraft so as to reduce visibility from pursuing enemies.

Battlefield 2042[]

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As with Battlefield V, Battlefield 2042 offers a selection of smoke equipment:

Smoke Discharger[]

The Smoke Discharger surrounds a ground vehicle with smoke on all sides.

Smoke Launcher[]

The Smoke Launcher projects a line of smoke ahead of the ground vehicle, preserving vision to (or from) the sides, rear, and above.

Thermal Smoke Package[]

The Thermal Smoke Package provides ground vehicles with protection against incoming guided weaponry, similar to Missile Countermeasures for air vehicles. The effect is short-lived, limiting its use as concealment.