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Snow Cannon IRL

A snow cannon producing snow.

Snowmaking is the production of snow by forcing water and pressurized air through a "snow gun", also known as a "snow cannon". Snow making is typically used at ski resorts to supplement a lack of natural snow. The snow cannon was invented by Art Hunt, Dave Richey, and Wayne Pierce in 1950. Snow making was used at the first ski resort in 1952 began to see increased use in the 1970s. All snow cannons share the basic principle of combining air and water to form snow.[1]

Battlefield HeroesEdit

"Someone getting too hot? Cool them down with a lethal dose of snow."

— In-Game Description

Two snow cannons are featured in Battlefield Heroes for the Gunner class: the Royal Army Colin's Cooler and the National Army Bruno's Blizzard. Both machine guns launch projectiles of snow at the enemy once fired. Affected enemies will have their speed reduced by four seconds. Additionally, they will be unable to use the Leg It or Elixir Abilities.


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