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One of the last surviving Sopthwith Camel's as seen in the Imperial War Museum in London. Note the instalment of twin Lewis Guns on the top wing.

The Sopwith Camel is a British single-seat biplane and one of the most famous aircraft of the First World War. First introduced in 1917, it was influential in both restoring British air power to a competitive level, as well as eventually establishing air superiority over the Central Powers. The base variant of the Camel was equipped with twin Vickers machine guns.

Battlefield 1[]

The Sopwith Camel is an aircraft featured in Battlefield 1. It first seen in the reveal trailer, being shot down by a Fokker Dr.I and subsequently colliding with a large windmill. It is seen again in the "Battlefield 1 Gameplay Series: Vehicles Trailer" engaging in dogfights. The full model was seen in the Customization screen during the Open Beta, although the Dr.1 Scout was the in-game craft used by both sides.


The Sopwith Camel is the most common plane of Royal Air Force. Camel planes are seen in Friends In High Places (every part excluding Fall from Grace) and, briefly, in Storm of Steel, attacking the zeppelin.


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The Sopwith Camel is the standard fighter plane of the British Empire, Royal Marines and Russian Empire.


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