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"Gather the squad and dive into the Swedish wilderness in this CQC-focused map, featuring two fully automated megafactories and an untamed terrain fit for spectacular land and air battles."

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Spearhead is a map of Battlefield 2042, introduced in Escalation season on November 22nd, 2022.

The map takes place somewhere in Sweden, featuring a large natural area and several automated "mega-factories" producing weapons and tools by a company named "Nordvik".


"A prime opportunity has appeared to disrupt the flow of American munitions. And it's hiding in Scandinavia's heart. The company Nordvik has been providing weapons and vehicles to U.S. operatives around the world. That stops today. We want a full-scale assault on the factory. Destroy any local resistance, then dig in. Do not let the enemy push you back. Communications will be reestablished en route. Out."

— Russian Briefing

"The Russians have decided to hit us where we live. I guess they're tired of being beat in the arms race. Our top-line weapons are provided by a manufacturer named Nordvik. Their autonomous facility in Scandinavia is being targeted by Russian forces and allied No-Pats. This facility must be recovered and secured under American control. You wouldn't want to run out of bullets any time soon, would you? Bring your best firepower, and keep warm. Command out."

— American Briefing


Russian Deployment[]

US Deployment[]


A: Forward Operating Base[]

One of the first notable points of interest in Spearhead is the joint Forward Operating Base next to the lake, capturing and maintaining both of these objectives will ensure easy access as player approach the Communications Outpost.


B: Communications Outpost[]

The Communications Outpost is a medium sized staging area with four communication towers located throughout it.

C: Printing Facility[]

The Printing Facility is one of two cube structures that dominates the horizon of this particular location. Close quarter confrontations await as player head into the weapons printing facility.


D: Materials Storage[]

E: Painting Facility[]


Conquest 64[]

The Conquest 64 version uses the same layout as 128 players-Conquest but with reduced tickets and vehicles count.


"You may know Nordvik weapons. Perhaps you have one waiting in your locker right now. Their claims of being a neutral party are false. We've discovered that they are the primary artillery provider for the American offensive. Reconnaissance has narrowed down the location of the Nordvik factory to a remote Scandanavian [sic] mountain. But U.S. forces know we are coming. Dress for the cold. Once you pierce their defense, we will move in and support you."

— Russian Briefing

"The Nordvik technology conglomerate is headquartered in Scandinavia. They're one of our top supporters in this part of Europe. Someone leaked this intel to Russia. The enemy plans to assault a Nordvik facility and take it for themselves. We're not going to let that happen. Stop them at the gates, No-Pats. Hold every inch of territory to the last, and make the Russians bleed every time they push forward. We have your back. Take whatever you need to get the job done."

— American Briefing

Sector 1[]

The first sector begins as the Russians begin an assault on the Forward Operating Base (Sector Alpha in Conquest). They are given various vehicles to aid in their assault, including four light transports, one armored transport, two heavy armor vehicles, and one air transport.

Sector 2[]

Sector 3[]

Sector 4[]

Sector 5[]



  • The map's internal name is MP_LightsOut.