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08:56, July 28, 2012Miller's Death Video.jpg (file)83 KBDanteVin (==Summary== Blackburn and Gordon watching the execution video. ==Licensing== {{EA}} {{PD1|Uncopyrighted|Created by Uploader}})
13:12, May 1, 2012Agent Whistler (M10).jpg (file)60 KBDanteVin (A better screenshot for Agent Whistler ==Licensing== {{EA}} {{PD1|Uncopyrighted|Created by Uploader}})
02:28, April 29, 2012Going Hunting - Target Pod.jpg (file)118 KBDanteVin (==Licensing== {{EA}} {{PD1|Uncopyrighted|Created by uploader}})
08:35, April 13, 2012Semper Fidelis FMV - Train.jpg (file)76 KBDanteVin (==Licensing== {{PD1|Uncopyrighted|Created by Uploader}} {{EA}})
03:55, April 6, 2012FNE - Speed error.jpg (file)38 KBDanteVin 
14:17, April 5, 2012NightShift - Frostbite-box.jpg (file)85 KBDanteVin 
10:22, April 5, 2012FNE - Blackburn head.jpg (file)42 KBDanteVin 
05:21, February 18, 2012Ingham - Helmet.jpg (file)88 KBDanteVin 
11:10, February 17, 2012Driverless IFV.jpg (file)110 KBDanteVin 
06:40, February 11, 2012Rock and a Hard Place image.jpg (file)77 KBDanteVin (An image for the 10th mission of Battlefield 3)
06:19, February 11, 2012Agent Gordon - Comrades.jpg (file)65 KBDanteVin 
09:49, February 9, 2012Peds on the street.jpg (file)129 KBDanteVin 
14:26, February 3, 2012Night Shift image.jpg (file)66 KBDanteVin 
14:00, February 3, 2012Fear no Evil image.jpg (file)64 KBDanteVin (The correct image for Fear no Evil - {{EA}})
13:41, February 3, 2012Uprising image.jpg (file)66 KBDanteVin (The loading image for the third mission of BF3 - {{EA}})
11:23, February 1, 2012QuickTimeEvent.jpg (file)44 KBDanteVin (Removed the website logo and black margin - {{EA}})

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