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The Special Activities Division (SAD) is an echelon of the United States Central Intelligence Agency that is responsible for carrying out black ops and covert missions by its highly trained personnel.

The division provides an alternative for the President of the United States when military or diplomatic actions are unsuccessful or not viable. Many of its missions under taken include raids, sabotage, ambushes, and assassinations of high value targets or political leaders as well as unconventional warfare and intelligence.

Personnel chosen for the Division are from every branch of the United States special operations forces. Their numbers are far less than many of the other special forces units, but their advanced training makes up for ther lack in numbers.

The CIA's formal position for these individuals is "Paramilitary Operations Officers," with every member requiring to have a bachelor's degree as they are still members of the CIA. These operatives are trained in every form of covert ops.

If they are compromised, the United States can and will deny any relations to them, making the U.S. in no way responsible for the operative's actions.

The Special Activities Division is a faction featured in the singleplayer campaign and through Downloadable Content in the multiplayer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


"We want you to do what you do best. Be unorthodox, be lethal."


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General Braidwood is the commander of the SPECACT Division. He recruits Bravo-Two Charlie after the mission Cold War, where the squad recovered a "fake" compound of a superweapon that the Russians were building. He sends the squad to Bolivia to find Agent Aguire, while giving them a USB drive with information about the weapon.

The squad is later tasked with finding Arkady Kirilenko after downing a French weather satellite and finding Aguire's intel on what is to be revealed as the Scalar Weapon and the project's leader Kirilenko.


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The Special Activities Division is indirectly represented in multiplayer through the SPECACT skin downloadable content. Players are also provided with unique weapons that feature camouflage on them that change depending on the environment.