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The Special Air Service, commonly abbreviated to SAS, is a special forces regiment in the British Army of the United Kingdom, first active from 1941 to 1945, then from 1947 onward. They conduct diverse unconventional warfare. Before entering, soldiers go through a difficult training course called the "Selection". If a soldier passes, they are transferred into either the air, boat or mobility. As well as this, all three regiments that form the Special Air Service have a main and reserve counter-terrorism unit.

Battlefield 2[]

The Battlefield 2: Special Forces, the British SAS is one of the six factions in the expansion, engaging Insurgent Forces for control of an abandoned airport in Syria and carrying out a surgical strike against a Warlord's palace in Fallujah, Iraq. Additionally, they engage Russian Spetsnaz forces for sensitive material in a deserted town near the Caspian Sea after a Russian light mechanized company was wiped out passing through it.


VS Team Map
Flag of Russia Spetsnaz

Default Character Kits[]

The SAS use black uniforms, with Classes with Body Armor wearing helmets and Classes without Body Armor wearing balaclavas.

Excluding the standard Special Forces expansion equipment such as Grappling Hooks, Ziplines, and Tear Gas, the SAS are rather unique: their Engineer kits are the only faction to use SMGs as their standard issue weapon instead of Shotguns and half their kits use Tier Weapon unlocks. Their Sniper and Anti-Tank kits are identical to the Navy SEALs, and their Special Forces kits are issued the G36K which no other faction can use.

Special Forces


The SAS predominantly use vehicles from the USMC base game vehicle selection with some differences: the expansion-exclusive Apache Longbow replaces the AH-1Z and light vehicles such as the AIL Raider and HMMWV are issued, with the HMMWV being issued either TOW Missiles or M2 Brownings.


Sea Vehicles[]

Ground Vehicles[]

Air Vehicles[]

Victory/Defeat Themes[]

Theme File Name (File Location) Description
brit_win.ogg Victory theme
brit_lose.ogg Defeat theme


  • The SAS are the only British military force independently represented in any modern-era Battlefield game.
  • The SAS victory theme is the Commonwealth bugle call Sunset.