Special Boat Service badge

The Special boat service patch

The Special Boat Service (SBS) is the special forces unit of the United Kingdom's Royal Navy. The SBS can trace its origins back to the Second World War when the Army Special Boat Section was formed in 1940. After the Second World War, the Royal Marines formed special forces with several name changes—Special Boat Company was adopted in 1951 and re-designated as the Special Boat Squadron in 1974—until on 28 July 1987 when the unit was renamed as the Special Boat Service after assuming responsibility for maritime counter-terrorism. Most of the operations conducted by the SBS are highly classified, and are rarely commented on by the British government or the Ministry of Defence due to their sensitive nature.

Battlefield VEdit

In Battlefield V, the Special Boat Section is featured in the story Under No Flag; where former prisoner Billy Bridger is transferred to the Special Boat Service from prison and fights alongside by George Mason.

Weapons usedEdit

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