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For the expansion to Battlefield 2, see Battlefield 2: Special Forces.
For the Upgrade Path inspired by the kit, see Spec Ops (Upgrade Path).
For the faction in Battlefield Vietnam, see US Special Forces.

The Special Forces kit, also known as Special Ops or Spec Ops to some, is one of seven usable kits in the game Battlefield 2 and one of the five usable kits in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. The kit is mainly used for destroying key enemy installations such as UAV Trailers and Artillery.

The Specialist featured in Battlefield: Bad Company functions in a similar fashion to the Special Forces. In later games of the series, the Special Force's function is combined with Sniper to create the Recon kit.

Battlefield 2[]

"Elite soldier specializing in stealth and sabotage"

— In-game description

The Special Forces class appears in Battlefield 2. The class functions as a stealth and sabotaging class, possessing suppressed pistols and carbines to deal with infantry and C4 explosives to use against hostile vehicles and enemy Commander Resources. Along with the Assault, the weapons carried by the Special Forces class are very deadly to enemy infantry, but the carbines utilized by the Special Forces class are geared more for closer engagements and don't possess quite as much killing potential as the assault rifles at range. Special Forces units do have a faster movement speed than the Assault, due to the class having no armor, allowing them to move swiftly when behind enemy lines.

In Battlefield 2: Special Forces, the Special Forces kit is also equipped with a Zip Line Crossbow, allowing them to quickly move from a higher point to a lower point.


Base Game[]

Special Forces[]

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[]

"The special ops soldier is trained in stealth and sabotage. His submachine gun and pistol come with silencers. His C4 explosives, however, do not. Special ops also carry knives, and stun grenades that temporarily blind nearby soldiers."

— Instruction Manual Description.

The Special Ops class appears in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Like its counterpart in Battlefield 2, the Special Ops class is made for stealth and close-quarter combat, with the class' submachine guns now featuring suppressors along with his pistols. The Special Ops is also the only class that has access to knives, allowing him to kill an enemy in one hit when up close, as well as being equipped with stun grenades that can blind and disorient enemy troops. The class still retains C4 Explosives for use against vehicles or as traps for enemy infantry.