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For the kit in Battlefield: Bad Company, see Specialist (Kit).

The Specialist system is a new feature of the Kit system introduced in Battlefield 2042.

Specialists are based on the four classes of Battlefield 2042. Each Specialists has a unique specialty gadget as well as a unique passive Trait and a variation of their class icon. The rest of the Specialist's loadout is fully customizable.[1]

Ten Specialists are available at release of Battlefield 2042, with four additional Specialists to be added during the first year of additional content.[2]


All Out Warfare[]

In Conquest and Breakthrough gamemodes, all human players exclusively play as specialists, while any AI teammates appear as generic classes.

Hazard Zone[]

In Hazard Zone, players are further restricted to only one specialist per squad, urging gameplay that focuses on each specialist's strengths.


In Battlefield Portal, users may choose whether or not to use specialists in their Experiences.


Playable specialists with profiles on the Official Battlefield site:


Specialists mentioned in "Journey of the No-Pats" and "Exodus Short Film":


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