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Specializations are a game mechanic introduced in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The provide players with special benefits and abilities. Three tiers of specializations available: Primary, Secondary, and Vehicle.

All specializations, excluding weapon altering specializations such as a sight or 12 Gauge Slugs, are coupled with the player. This means that if the player acquires a new kit in the field, the specializations the player spawned with will still be active.

Vehicle specializations do not stack if there are multiple people in the same vehicle with different specializations. All active specializations will only apply if the driver/pilot has it equipped.

Specializations also appear in Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam, though it lacks the "high-tech" specializations to fit with the time era, these being the Sniper Spotting Scope, the 4X Rifle Scope and the Red Dot Sight. The Alternate Weapon Package is also replaced with V-Flame.

Primary Specializations[]

Icon Name Unlocked at Description Effects
Light Spec.png Lightweight Combat Equipment Rank 5 Designed to maximize the carrier's mobility during battle by employing more compact equipment options. This setup dramatically spreads load and allows for a more efficient carry. 10% faster sprinting speed.
BFBC2 Ammo Hip.PNG
Ammo Hip Bandolier Rank 6 This upgraded ammunition pack allows a soldier to stow double the amount of magazines resulting in extended time in contact before resupply. Doubles the reserve capacity of ammunition for primary weapons and sidearms, except for the Tracer Dart Gun.
Grenade Vest.png Grenade Vest Rank 7 This enhanced Load Bearing Vest doubles the amount of 40MM and hand grenade ammunition a soldier can carry into battle thus extended the time between resupply. Doubles the reserve capacity of all grenades, including the 40mm Grenade, 40mm Smoke Launcher, the 40mm Shotgun, and regular hand grenades.
Leg Pouch.png Explosives Leg Pouch Rank 8 Supplementary pouches allowing soldiers to double the amount of explosives and rockets carried into battle. This permits longer time in contact before resupply. Doubles the carrying capacity of all explosive weapons, excluding grenades (AT4/RPG-7/M2 Carl Gustav, Anti-Tank Mines, C4).
Red Dot Sight 14000 Assault EXP A highly effective optical sight providing enhanced point and shoot capability for close quarter combat. It does not emit a laser and therefore is considered a "passive" aiming device. Replaces sights with red dot sight. Has no effect on MG36 as it has one built in.
13500 Engineer EXP
15000 Medic EXP
12500 Recon EXP
4X Rifle Scope 17000 Assault EXP 4x optical rifle sight that increases magnification and accuracy for aimed shots at medium ranges. Replaces sights with 4x scope.
13500 Engineer EXP
18000 Medic EXP
8000 Recon EXP
Sniper x12 opt.png 12X High Power Scope 10000 Recon EXP A highly efficient compliment to sniper rifles, this 12x optical sight intensifies zoom power while also providing substantially longer range accuracy. It allows greater stand off striking capability and target engagement. Recon-exclusive attachment, replaces scope with 12x scope.
Medkit improvement.png Medkit Improved Heal 12000 Medic EXP The Advanced Medical Kit allows for quick and accurate diagnosis of injured soldiers. It substantially increases the rate of healing to med kits already deployed on the battlefield. Medic exclusive specialization, increases the speed at which medkits heal teammates by 50%.
12 Gauge.png 12 Gauge Slugs Rank 16 A 12 gauge Sabot round designed to give shotguns added range in operations outside of Urban areas. It substitutes high power for enhanced range and precision accuracy. Shotgun-exclusive attachment, replacing buckshot ammunition with slug ammunition.

Secondary Specializations[]

Icon Name Unlocked at Description Effects
Shotgun ammo.png Extended Shotgun Magazine Rank 9 Custom modified shotgun loading tubes and magazines that expand ammunition capacity. This diminishes the need for reload and extends the operator's capacity to maintain fire on target. Shotgun-exclusive attachment that doubles the maximum ammunition capacity of shotgun magazines.
Body Armor.png Ceramic Body Armor Rank 13 Referred to as trauma plates, ceramic body armor is inserted into soft ballistic vests providing added protection against enemy fire and preventing damage from reaching fatal proportions during combat. Increases health by 25%. Does not reduce damage from fall damage and melee attacks.
Mag Ammo.png Magnum Ammunition Rank 15 A considerably heavier bullet, its mass and elevated muzzle velocity provides greater damage and increased range. Increases firearm (including the M2 Flamethrower) damage by 25%.
Improved Demo.png Improved Demolitions Rank 17 A refined explosive compound it greatly increases the amount of energy delivered onto target. It adds to the destructive power carried by mobile infantry and engineers. Increased explosive weapon damage (including Recon's Mortar Strikes) by 25%.
Sniper spotter.png Sniper Spotting Scope 17000 Recon EXP A pivotal advancement in enemy tracking devices, this computer assisted Spotting Scope can pin-point and communicate enemy positions in real-time to the rest of the Combat Team. Recon-exclusive attachment, automatically spots any enemies in the scope that are within a 75-meter range.
Medkit radius.png Medkit Improved Range 21000 Medic EXP A modification that extends the range of previously deployed medical kits on the battlefield. Provides longer range healing to seriously injured personnel. Medic-exclusive specialization, increases medkits' healing range from 3.5 to 7 meters.
Marksman Training.png Marksman Training 24000 Assault EXP Assault Rifle modification that uses a fully adjustable fore grip and telescopic stock to custom fit a weapon to its operator. When properly set, it greatly improves handling characteristics and increases the accuracy of aimed fire. Assault-exclusive specialization, reduces spread for Assault Rifles (including M1 Garand, M14 EBR, and G3) and sidearms by 25%.
SMG Marksman.png Marksman Training 21500 Engineer EXP Specially made silencer designed to diminish harmonics resulting in improved noise reduction in addition to increased accuracy of aimed fire. Engineer-exclusive specialization, reduces spread for SMGs (including M1A1 Thompson) and sidearms by 25%.
LMG Marksman.png Marksman Training 28000 Medic EXP This heavy machined barrel provides a heightened level of accuracy during operations when used in conjunction with marksmanship principles and firing from the prone. Medic-exclusive specialization, reduces spread for LMGs (including M1A1 Thompson) and sidearms by 25%.

Vehicle Specializations[]


Icon Name Unlocked at Description Effects
Armor spec.png Active Armor Upgrade 2300 Vehicle EXP An armor upgrade package that enhances a vehicle's resistance to anti-armor munitions. This upgrade helps decrease the effects and damage of otherwise lethal hits. Reduces damage taken from all weapons by 25%.
Damage Spec.png Improved Warheads Package 3600 Vehicle EXP With hardened steel warheads and quick burn explosive compounds, this upgrade substantially increases the effectiveness of the vehicles' primary weapons. In turn it allows a vehicle to provide a considerable Force Multiplier to mission requirements. Increases damage of all vehicle weapons by 25%.
Tank Motion sensor.png Electronic Warfare Package 1200 Vehicle EXP The next technological advancement in vehicle sensors, these enhanced tracking devices mark the position of enemy units in direct proximity of the vehicle and display them on the mini map. Added security when infantry support is unavailable. Reveals any enemies and set explosives (landmines or C4) on the mini-map within 20 meters of the vehicle.
Reload spec.png Quick Reload Package 5000 Vehicle EXP These enhanced ammunition racks diminish the time needed to re-loading the vehicles' primary weapons. It reduces the vulnerability to enemy attacks during reload stops. Decreases vehicle weapon reload time by 15%.


Icon Name Unlocked at Description Effects
Smoke spec.png Smoke Countermeasures Package 6500 Vehicle EXP A smoke grenade system consisting of 6 launchers. When fired it generates a 360 degree smoke screen around the vehicle. It obscures equipment and personnel from aimed enemy fire. Adds alternate fire ability to armed vehicles:
  • Ground vehicles: creates a 360-degree smokescreen around the vehicle (15s cooldown)
  • Helicopters: drops multiple flares (10s cooldown)
  • UAV-1: launch a volley of smoke grenades at the target location (10s cooldown)

All abilities will remove any tracer darts planted on the vehicle upon activation.

Optics spec.png High Power Optics Package 8000 Vehicle EXP A High Power Optics Package that provides an armored vehicle driver the ability to engage and destroy targets from greater range. It effectively provides stand-off distance while still permitting accurate fire. Allows the vehicle to have a greater zoom.
Alt Weapon spec.png Alternate Weapon Package 10000 Vehicle EXP Adds another weapon for armed vehicles:
Alt Weapon spec.png V-Flame 10000 Vehicle EXP Adds a Flamethrower on the M48 Patton and T-54. (Vietnam)


  • The Marksman Training is described as a weapon attachment. This is misleading, as the Marksman specialization is coupled to the player, not their weapon. The specialization is still in effect if a user were to acquire a new weapon, but only if the weapon is the same type. This is to say, if a player were to spawn as with the Engineer Marksman Training for SMGs and acquire an a kit with an assault rifle, they would not experience the effects of the marksman specialization.
  • The Recon kit is the only class not to have a marksman specialization because sniper rifles are already pinpoint accurate when aiming down the sight or scope.
  • The description for Assault Marksman Training mentions a Foregrip being attached to the weapon as well as an adjustable stock, though neither appear on any weapons when the specialization is equipped. Similarly, the custom silencer mentioned in the description for Engineer Marksman Training and the heavy machined barrel in the description for Medic Marksman Training also do not appear.
  • The description for Medic Marksman Training mentions firing form a Prone position, although the ability to do so is not present in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
  • Unlike other optics, the 12X Scope is not partnered with the weapon. If the player using the specialization is to acquire a new rifle on the field, it will possess a 12X Scope regardless of whether or not its original owner equipped it.
  • The Sniper Spotting Scope, although believably considered an optic, is coupled to the player, not the weapon.
  • 12 Gauge Slugs were originally unlocked at rank 12, but the unlock rank was later changed to 16 as it was originally intended due to a glitch in the rank-up code.

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