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Specializations are a game mechanic introduced in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The provide players with special benefits and abilities. Three tiers of specializations available: Primary, Secondary, and Vehicle.

All specializations, excluding weapon altering specializations such as a sight or 12-Gauge slugs, are coupled with the player. This means that if the player acquires a stolen kit in the field, the specializations the player spawned with will still be active.

Vehicle specializations do not stack if there are multiple people in the same vehicle with different specializations. All active specializations will only apply if the driver/pilot has it equipped.

Specializations also appear in Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam, though it lacks the "high-tech" specializations to fit with the time era, these being the Sniper Spotting Scope, the 4X Rifle Scope and the Red Dot Sight.

Primary Specializations

Image Specialization Description
Light Spec Lightweight Combat Equipment Obtained at Rank 5. Gives a 10% faster sprinting speed, useful for flanking enemies or bases, or evading snipers.
File:Ammo Hip.png Ammo Hip Bandolier Obtained at Rank 6. Doubles the carrying capacity of ammunition for primary weapons and sidearms except for the Tracer Dart Gun. Useful for players without Assault Kit back-up or with weapons that have a high fire rate such as the MG3 and the PP-2000 Avtomat. Should not be used when playing as the Assault Kit since they have an infinite amount of ammunition boxes.
Grenade Vest Grenade Vest Obtained at Rank 7. Doubles the carrying capacity of all grenades including the 40mm Grenade, 40mm Smoke Launcher, the 40mm Shotgun, and regular hand grenades. Useful for an Assault Kit player that needs to clear out an area or provide cover with smoke grenades.
Leg Pouch Explosives Leg Pouch Obtained at Rank 8. Doubles the carrying capacity of all explosive weapons that are kit specific (AT4/RPG-7/M2 Carl Gustav, Anti-Tank Mines, C4). Very useful to players as Engineers when vehicles are on the map.
File:Red dot.png Red Dot Sight Obtained at Assault: 14000 Exp, Engineer: 13500 Exp, Medic: 15000 Exp, Recon: 12500 Exp. Aiming sight designed to be used in close-quarters combat as it offers less obstruction than iron sights. Useful on most weapons except the MG36 as it has one built in and using this specialization will have no effect on the weapon.
File:X4 Opt.png 4X Rifle Scope Obtained at Assault: 17000 Exp, Engineer: 13500 Exp, Medic: 18000 Exp, Recon: 8000 Exp. Increased zoom sight designed for medium to long ranged combat. It has a disadvantage at close range as it takes longer to pull up than iron sights or a Red Dot Sight. Useful on every weapon except SMGs as they perform poorly at longer ranges.
Sniper x12 opt 12X High Power Scope Obtained after gaining 10000 Exp in Recon. Recon Kit-exclusive attachment that gives increased efficiency at long range combat. Useful on maps with very long sight lines between bases.
Medkit improvement Medkit Improved Heal Obtained after gaining 12000 Exp in Medic. Medic Kit-exclusive specialization that increases the speed at which medkits heal teammates by 50%, allowing faster healing. Useful in conjunction with Medkit Improved Range if the player wishes to take on a healing role.
12 Gauge 12 Gauge Slugs Obtained at Rank 16. Shotgun-exclusive attachment where instead of a spread shot, the player's shotgun will now fire a single heavy slug, much like a sniper rifle. Useful in non-urban environments, but still has enough power at close range.

Secondary Specializations

Image Specialization Description
Shotgun ammo Extended Shotgun Magazine Obtained at Rank 9. Shotgun-exclusive attachment that doubles the maximum ammunition capacity of shotgun magazines. Best used if the player has an Assault Kit or with Ammo Hip Bandolier as the player will only have one more full magazine of ammunition otherwise.
Body Armor Ceramic Body Armor

Obtained at Rank 13. Increases health by 25%. Useful for going into major combat zones. Counters Magnum Ammunition and Improved Demolitions.

Note: Ceramic Body Armor doesn't reduce damage from fall damage and from melee attacks.

Mag Ammo Magnum Ammunition Obtained at Rank 15. Increases bullet damage by 25%. Useful on all weapons. Counters Ceramic Body Armor.
Improved Demo Improved Demolitions Obtained at Rank 17. Increased damage dealt by all explosives by 25%. Useful for the Engineer Kit's Launchers and the Assault Kit's 40mm Grenade Launcher. Counters Ceramic Body Armor. Also improves the damage of the Recon kit's Mortar Strikes.
Sniper spotter Sniper Spotting Scope Obtained after gaining 17000 Exp in Recon. Recon Kit-exclusive attachment that automatically spots any enemies in the scope that are within a 75 meter range. Useful for Recon players that communicate well with the squad or team.
Medkit radius

Medkit Improved Range

Obtained after gaining 21000 Exp in Medic. Medic Kit-exclusive specialization that increases the range for a medkit to heal teammates from 3.5 to 7 meters, allowing players to be further in proximity from kits and still be healed at the same rate. Useful in conjunction with Medkit Improved Heal for a healing role.
Marksman Training Marksman Training Obtained at Assault: 24000 Exp, Engineer: 21500 Exp, Medic: 28000 Exp. Improves the hip-fire accuracy for LMG's, Assault Rifles, and SMG's in addition to the sidearm chosen with the Kit by reducing the spread by 25%. Also reduces the max amount of spread when aiming down the sight and reduces movement penalties while shooting. Useful for all weapons, especially the F2000 as it lowers the spread the weapon has at range because of its high fire rate.

Vehicle Specializations

Vehicle specializations will not be combined if there are multiple people in the same vehicle with different specializations. All active specializations will only apply if the driver/pilot has it equipped. All passive specializations will only affect the player with it equipped. Active specializations are activated with the alternate fire button.

Note: If two or more players have the same passive specialization, they will not stack and increase the vehicle's armor, damage, etc. even further.

Image Specialization Description Type
Armor spec Active Armor Upgrade Obtained after gaining 2300 Exp with vehicles. Reduces damage taken from all weapons by 25%. Useful with transport vehicles like Humvees and Black Hawks as they are weaker and can be normally taken out with one rocket. Passive
Smoke spec Smoke Countermeasures Package Obtained after gaining 6500 Exp with vehicles. Creates either a smoke cloud around vehicles (does not apply to weaponless vehicles like Humvees and PBL's ), a volley of smoke grenades at the target location (UAV-1), or drops multiple flares (helicopters). It is most useful with helicopters because the flares will destroy any planted tracer dart, but it also is useful on tanks as rockets will not be able to lock on until the smoke clears. The drawback on heavy and light tanks is that a giant smoke cloud hints away at where one is located as they usually stay within the cloud, allowing a crafty player to plant C4 on the tank and blow it up with relative ease if not spotted and taken out in time. Active
Optics spec High Power Optics Package Obtained after gaining 8000 Exp with vehicles. Allows the vehicle to have a greater zoom. Useful for "tank-sniping" far away targets like other stationary tanks or M-COM stations. Can also be useful for attack helicopter pilots if they do not have a gunner so they can hit ground targets easier with their rockets. Active
Alt Weapon spec Alternate Weapon Package Obtained after gaining 10000 Exp with vehicles. Adds another weapon for armed vehicles: co-axial machine gun for main battle tanks, TOW/Kornet for IFVs, a Hellfire missile for attack helicopters, and a tracer for the Hellfire missile if in the gunner seat. Useful for when extra firepower is needed in a battle zone or where support is limited. Active
Damage Spec Improved Warheads Package Obtained after gaining 3600 Exp with vehicles. Increases the overall damage output of all vehicle weapons by 25%. Useful in large tank-on-tank battles or for attack helicopter missiles as they can be difficult to line up if the pilot is not skilled. Passive
Tank Motion sensor Electronic Warfare Package Obtained after gaining 1200 Exp with vehicles. Shows any enemies and set explosives like mines or C4 on the mini-map within 20 meters of the vehicle. Useful when traversing on popular attack routes such as main roads, but most players prefer other specializations as mines are somewhat easy to spot if one is paying attention, and C4 is rarely used in a similar way. Passive
Reload spec Quick Reload Package Obtained after gaining 5000 Exp with vehicles. Decreases the cool-down for vehicular weapon reload speed by 15%, allowing all vehicular weapons to fire faster. Useful on attack helicopters as their missiles take a while to reload when comparing to their usual attack run speed. Also useful for the UAV-1 as its Hellfire missile takes 25 seconds to reload. Passive


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