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Specializations are a gameplay mechanic featured in Battlefield 2042. Each Specialist is equipped with their own unique Specialization, known as a Trait. Traits offer additional bonuses that further differienate Specialists from one another. Vehicle Specialistizations function in a similar to past installments, acting as different pieces of equipment and armaments for vehicle operators and passengers to utilize. Vehicle Specializations are unlocked by obtaining Mastery Levels with a vehicle through continued use.

Specialist Traits[]

Name Image Description Effect Specialist
Veteran Veteran Trait.png Provides armor, with additional bonuses from downed enemies. Provides permanent 10 points of armor and allows recovery of more armor from IBA Armor Plates. Irish
Nimble Nimble Trait.png Allows the player to move more quickly while aiming down sights, further enhancing their speed-related advantages. Increases movement speed while aiming down sights. Mackay
Combat Surgeon Combat Surgeon Trait.png Allows the player to return downed allies to combat with full health when reviving. Teammates are revived with full health. Falck
Sentry Operator Sentry Operator Trait.png Spots the enemy target when the sentry gun locks on to the enemy in question. 3D Spots enemies with the SG-36 Sentry System. Boris
Movement Sensor Movement Sensor Trait.png Alerts the player to approaching enemies, both while boots on the ground and when piloting the Recon Drone. Alerts player to nearby players while on the ground and while operating the OV-P Recon Drone. Casper
Trojan Network Trojan Network Trait.png Hack into enemy systems for valuable intel. Allows player to spot nearby enemies around them. Rao
Blast Resistant Blast Resistant Trait.png Makes this Assault Specialist extra resilient to explosive damage. Increases resistance against explosive damage. Dozer
Wingsuit Operator Wingsuit Operator Trait.png When needed, Sundance will deploy a wingsuit instead of a chute. Replaces Parachute with a Wingsuit. Sundance
Trauma Specialist Trauma Specialist Trait.png Angel can revive any ally with their bonus armor health filled. Any downed teammate can be revived and will recieve 20 points of armor. Angel
Threat Perception Threat Perception Trait.png When taking damage, Paik can triangulate on the shooter and return fire. Enemies dealing damage to the player will be 3D spotted. Paik

Vehicle Specializations[]


Name Image Description Vehicle


Name Image Description Vehicle


Name Image Description Vehicle