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Specializations is featured in Battlefield 3. Specializations upgrade the abilities of the infantry player. The player can choose one specialization in their loadout.

Squad-level versions of specializations available after earning individual versions, applying the benefits to the entire squad. On the HUD squad display, an icon shows which squad specialization a player has chosen, if they are using one. It is possible for each player to choose a different squad specialization for a total of four different effects. Otherwise, specializations do not stack.


Note: Squad variants of the specializations are prefixed with SQD.
Name Icon Description Unlocked at Effects
SPRNT Sprnt icon Lightweight load bearing equipment which reduces soldier fatigue and allows a higher sprint speed. Level 2 (Solo)
Level 23 (Squad)
Sprint speed increased by 10%
Additional MOLLE tactical ammunition pouches allow the player to carry a greater amount of primary and sidearm ammunition. Level 5 (Solo)
Level 26 (Squad)
Doubles the reserve ammunition capacity of both the primary and secondary weapons.
FLAK FLAKicon Reduces the damage taken from explosives and shrapnel by providing additional coverage to high risk body parts. Level 8 (Solo)
Level 29 (Squad)
Reduces the area-of-effect damage taken from explosives by 15%. Does not reduce damage from direct hits.[1]
EXPL Expl icon An EOD vest that increases the total amount of explosive and rocket ammunition. Level 11 (Solo)
Level 31 (Squad)
Doubles the amount of explosive gadgets carried, (C4 Explosives, M18 Claymore, M15 AT Mine) and increases the amount of reserve ammunition carried for launchers (excluding grenade launchers, grenades, and the M224 Mortar).[note 1]
COVR COVRicon The combined effect of field experience and advanced training reduces the Suppressive effect of incoming rounds. Level 14 (Solo)
Level 35 (Squad)
Decreases suppression effect taken by 50%.
SUPR SUPRicon Advanced marksman training gives the soldier’s rounds a greater Suppressive effect on his targets. Level 17 (Solo)
Level 33 (Squad)
Increases suppression effect inflicted on enemies.
FRAG FRAGicon Additional MOLLE grenade pouches allow the soldier to carry a larger amount of hand grenades and 40mm grenades. Level 20 (Solo)
Level 37 (Squad)
Frag grenade capacity increased from 1 to 2, grenade launcher (M320/GP-30) reserve ammo capacity increased from 3 to 6.



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