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The weapon specialization tree for the M1 Garand

Specializations are customization options featured Battlefield V, available for each kit, primary weapons, and vehicles. Specializations are available for soldier kits in the form of Combat Roles which offers two specialization per combat role. Both Primary Weapons and Vehicles have access to an upgrade tree of four ranks.

Players unlock the ability to purchase a specialization with Company Coins by increasing their weapon or vehicle-specific rank to the appropriate level. Aside from the initial specialization, each subsequent specialization on the tree requires the previous specialization to be unlocked. Each stage on a tree offers two specializations, with only one able to be purchased, locking out the other. Upon reaching stage four in a specialization tree, players may then reset purchased specializations and chose those that were previously locked at no additional cost.

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  • Specializations were originally known as “Upgrades” in early versions of the game. It was later confirmed by DICE that this was only a placeholder name and that its appearance in the Specialization menu was a bug.
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