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For vehicle specializations in Battlefield V, see Vehicle Specializations

Battlefield V Weapon Specialization

Weapon Specialization after Open Beta

Weapon Specializations in Battlefield V are oriented around improving the statistics of a weapon, as well as granting new abilities in the form of Weapon Accessories.

BF5 Weapon Upgrades

The Weapon upgrade system as seen during the Battlefield V Open Beta

The price of weapon upgrades increases with each tier and are priced as follows:

  • 300 Company Coins Logo BFV for Rank 1
  • 450 Company Coins Logo BFV for Rank 2
  • 600 Company Coins Logo BFV for Rank 3
  • 750 Company Coins Logo BFV for Rank 4

The typical paths available are as such:

  • At Ranks 1 and 2, either the "left" or "right" choice can be selected without consequence.
  • At Rank 3, the choice is locked to the same path chosen for Rank 2. For example, if the "left" choice was chosen at Rank 2, the "left" choice is only available at Rank 3.
  • At Rank 4, either the "left" or "right" choice can be selected, regardless of any previous choice.


Name Icon Availability Effects
Recoil Buffer BFV Recoil Buffer Vertical weapon recoil is reduced.
Quick Aim BFV Quick Aim
  • All Semi-Automatic Rifles.
  • All Assault Rifles.
  • All SMGs excluding the MAB 38.
  • All Bolt-Action Carbines.
  • All LMGs.
  • All Shotguns excluding the Model 37.
  • All Bolt-Action Rifles.
  • Both Pistol Carbines.
Allows player to aim down to sight 33% faster.
Slings and Swivels BFV Swings and Swivels Decreases the time it takes to switch between weapons by 15% and decreases the amount of time it takes to fire again.
Ported Barrel BFV Ported Barrel Horizontal weapon recoil is reduced.
Barrel Bedding BFV Barrel Bedding Increases weapon accuracy when stationary and aiming down to sights.
Enhanced Grips BFV Enhanced Grips Decreases hipfire spread by 25% and increases effective hipfire range by 33%.
Custom Stock BFV Custom Stock
  • All Semi-Automatic Rifles.
  • All Assault Rifles.
  • All SMGs excluding the MP34.
  • All Bolt-Action Carbines.
  • All LMGs excluding the Bren Gun and Lewis Gun.
  • The M30 Drilling Shotgun.
  • All Bolt-Action Rifles excluding the K31/43.
  • Both Pistol Carbines.
Increases weapon accuracy when moving and aiming down to sights.
High Velocity Bullets BFV High Velocity Bullets Increases bullet velocity by 10%, allowing distant or moving targets to be hit easier.
Lightened Stock BFV Lightened Stock Allows player to move 60% faster when aiming down to sights.
Polished Action BFV Polished Action Decreases hipfire accuracy penalty, allowing player to fire longer.
Extended Magazine BFV Extended Magazine Increases the size of weapon magazines.
Quick Reload BFV Quick Reload Decreases reload time by 15%.
Bayonet BFV Bayonet Equips a Bayonet on the weapon barrel, allowing a Bayonet Charge.
Light Bolt BFV Light Bolt Increases maximum rate of fire when in fully automatic fire.
Detachable Magazines BFV Detachable Magazines Replaces reload with detachable magazines instead of stripper clips/single rounds, generally reducing reload time. Also increases ammo capacity by 1.
Machined Bolt BFV Machined Bolt
  • All Bolt-Action Carbines.
  • All Bolt-Action Rifles.
  • Both Anti-Materiel Rifles.
Increases a weapon's rate of fire.
Low Drag Rounds BFV Low Drag Rounds Decreases bullet drop over long distances.
Variable Zeroing BFV Variable Zeroing
  • All Bolt-Action Rifles excluding the K31/43.
  • Both Anti-Materiel Rifles.
Enables the Zeroing of a weapon to be changed for long range sniping.
Bipod BFV Bipod Spec Equips the weapon with a Bipod.
Improved Bipod BFV Improved Bipod Increases accuracy when using the Bipod.
Chrome Lining BFV Chrome Lining
  • All MMGs excluding the S2-200.
Deceases weapon overheating by 33% when firing continuously and lowers overheating accuracy penalty.
Double Drum Magazine BFV Double Drum Magazine
  • Exclusive to the MG 34 MMG.
Equips weapon with a drum magazine, increasing ammo capacity by 25 and reducing reload time.
Extended Belt BFV Extended Belt Increases weapon ammo capacity.
Flash Propellant BFV Flash Propellant
  • All MMGs.
  • The K31/43 Bolt-Action Rifle.
  • Both Anti-Materiel Rifles.
Equips the weapon with a Flash Hider, reducing muzzle flash when firing.
Incendiary Bullets BFV Incendiary Bullets Replaces weapon ammo with Incendiary Ammo, increasing damage to all aircraft by 100%.
Heavy Load (Shotgun) BFV Heavy Load
  • All Shotguns.
Replaces weapon ammunition with 12 Gauge Buckshot to increase lethal weapon range.
Slugs BFV Slugs Replaces weapon ammunition with 12 Gauge Slug to reduce spread and increase damage.
Solid Slug BFV Solid Slug Increases lethal range and damage to headshots by 25%.
Penetrating Shot BFV Penetrating Shot
  • All Shotguns.
Increase pellet penetration, damaging enemies behind an object or player.
Internal Choke BFV Internal Choke Equips the weapon with a Full Choke, increasing shot spread by 33%.
Trigger Job BFV Trigger Job Reduces the delay between shots, allowing for an Increased rate of fire.
Improved Grenades BFV Improved Grenades Increases the direct damage of the weapon's grenade launcher against enemy vehicles but also decreases blast damage and radius.
APCR Bullets BFV APCR Round 2
  • Both Anti-Materiel Rifles.
Increases damage against enemy vehicles.
Selective Fire Trigger BF5 Selective Fire Trigger Enables fully automatic fire for weapon.
High Power Optics BFV Variable Zeroing
  • Exclusive to the K31/43 Bolt-Action Rifle.
Increases the zoom level of the weapon's scope from 3x to 6x.
Grenade Launcher BFV Grenade Launcher Specialization
  • Exclusive to the M1 Garand Semi-Automatic Rifle.
Allows the weapon to use Rifle Grenades.
Heavy Load (Rifle) BFV Heavy Load Specialization
  • Exclusive to the M1 Garand Semi-Automatic Rifle.
Makes weapon function in a similar manner to a semi-auto sniper rifle.
Suppressor BFV Suppressor Specialization Attaches a suppressor to the weapon to reduce firing noise.
Top Up BFV Top Up Specialization Allows the weapon to perform a quick top-up reload.