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The Spencer Repeating Rifle was an early American lever action firearm invented by Christopher Spencer in 1860. The Spencer was the world's first military metallic cartridge repeating rifle. It was fired by cocking a lever to extract a used case and feed a new cartridge from a tube in the buttstock. Like most firearms of the time, the hammer had to be manually cocked after each round in a separate action before the weapon could be fired. The weapon used copper rimfire cartridges stored in a seven-round tube magazine. A spring in the tube enabled the rounds to be fired one after another. When empty, the spring had to be released and removed before dropping in fresh cartridges, then replaced before resuming firing. Over 200,000 were manufactured in the United States by the Spencer Repeating Rifle Co. and Burnside Rifle Co. between 1860 and 1869. The Spencer repeating rifle was adopted by the Union Army, especially by the cavalry, during the American Civil War but did not replace the standard issue muzzle-loading rifled muskets in use at the time.[1]

Battlefield Heroes[]

"Excels at moderate range and brings you closer to the fight."

— In-game Description

Two variants of the Spencer Repeating Rifle are available in Battlefield Heroes: the Royal Army North Marksman's Repeater and National Army South Sharpshooter's Repeater. Available for the Commando kit, they were introduced in the Civil War bundle.