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Sprint, in the Battlefield Series, is the ability to increase foot traveling speed while lowering the player's weapon, preventing the player from firing or aiming their weapons.

Sprint was introduced in Battlefield 2. To sprint, the player moves while holding an the assigned sprint key (which is typically set to Shift on the PC, and by depressing the left analog stick on console controllers). In most games, players can only sprint while standing.

Players may not be able to use or aim weapons while sprinting, but they may be able to reload. Some single-handed weapons such as knives and detonators may be used while sprinting, but their use causes the player to drop to normal movement speed.

Different specializations and upgrades available in different games allow the player to increase their sprint speed.


Sprinting is introduced in Battlefield 2, and featured in the later Battlefield 2142. In these two games, sprint is restricted by Stamina, which is drained by sprinting and jumping, and regained when not sprinting or jumping. When exhausted, the player cannot sprint, but can still jump, and will makes gasping and wheezing sounds.

Players can start reloading their weapons before entering a sprint, but cannot do so in mid-sprint.


In Frostbite games, starting from Battlefield: Bad Company onwards, players can now sprint infinitely.

From Battlefield: Bad Company 2 onwards, players can sprint without having to constantly hold down Sprint.

From Battlefield 3 onwards, players can sprint diagonally by holding or , allowing the ability to look to one side while sprinting, or passing around an obstacle without fully turning. Sprint speed is also increased while holding a sidearm, and reduced when carrying certain gadgets such as the M224 Mortar. Sprinting is cancelled when attacking, but not by reloading.

In Battlefield 1, players can now sprint at certain doors to bash them open without needing to Interact with them first. However, more noise is made than if the player opened the door normally. Players can also slide-to-crouch while sprinting, allowing them to slide a meter before crouching, instead of doing it instantly like before.

In Battlefield V, players can now sprint while Crouching, and can sprint through windows and other openings without having to first clear the opening.

In Battlefield 2042, players now sprint faster by double clicking Sprint, promptly named Traversal Sprinting. On some control setups, this reduces the player's control burden by not having to hold a button. Weapon ready/aim speed is slightly longer.


  • After sprinting for some time, the player's character will make heavy breathing noises as if they are slowly becoming exhausted. This will gradually stop if the player stops sprinting, or slows down and allows their character to 'catch their breath.'
  • In Battlefield 3, the animation for landing from a jump or fall makes the character move forward at a faster speed than sprinting.  Therefore, if jumps are constantly made while sprinting then an overall speed faster than sprinting is achieved.
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the first game with visible sprint reload animations. Prior to the game, reloading while sprinting will not show an animation.

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