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Police charger

A Dodge Charger Pursuit cruiser in reality.

The Dodge Charger Pursuit is an American Sedan specially designed for Law Enforcement use. The Pursuit model is mostly identical to the civilian model Charger, but features an improved suspension system for holding police equipment and is equipped with police lights, sirens, a ram bar, and a PA system. With 370 horsepower, the Pursuit reaches 60 mph in 5.2 seconds and has a maximum speed of 150 mph.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

The Squad Car is featured in Battlefield Hardline, serving as Law Enforcement's Sedan. It is the equivalent of the Criminal Sports Sedan. On certain maps in the Getaway expansion, it is replaced by the Performance Sedan.

The Squad Car is the "heavier" version of the Police Interceptor Coupe, being slightly slower but holding a total of four players instead of two as well as being able to sustain slightly more damage. As a result, the vehicle acts as Law Enforcement's medium transport vehicle alongside the Police Truck, allowing squads of players to quickly get around the map. Compared to the Truck, the Squad Car is slightly faster but cannot take as much damage and only holds four players compared to the Truck's five.

The Squad Car is able to equip customization options available to all Sedans. For Countermeasures, Smokescreen will unspot the vehicle and conceal it behind a cloud of smoke, while Fire Extinguisher allows players to bring the vehicle back to a normal state after being disabled. For Upgrades, Maintenance speeds up the vehicle's autorepair process, while Reinforced Chassis slightly improves its resistance to damage. A Mobile Armory can also be equipped, placing either a MG36, RPG-7V2, or FIM-92 Stinger in the trunk of the sedan depending which one is equipped.


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