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Squad Conquest is a gamemode featured in several installments of the Battlefield series. It is a smaller, more competitive variant of the Conquest gamemode.


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Similar to Squad Rush and Squad Deathmatch, the gamemode pits two opposing squads against one another as they try to capture and hold all flags. Team team that depletes the others tickets to zero will be declared the winner of the match. Due to the modes intention for competitive gameplay, map boundaries are much smaller than normal to accommodate for close quarters combat.


Battlefield 4Edit

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Squad Conquest was introduced on the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment in May 2015, It was never released for the retail version of Battlefield 4.

In the original variant of the gamemode, the Defenders start with control of all flags while attackers have only an uncap. Upon losing control of all flags, the defenders are unable to respawn and lose the match by default if all players have been killed. While the mode features three normal flags, it also holds a fourth, known as a "Strategic Team Resource". Depending on the map the gamemode is played on, this flag may be either a Battle Pickup or a vehicle. In order to use the resource, it must first be captured which done at an exponentially longer rate than a normal flag.

Battlefield VEdit

Squad Conquest was introduced to Battlefield V for a limited time in the second chapter of Tides of War, Lightning Strikes from January 17th to February 13th, 2019.[1]

In contrast of Battlefield 4 version, all three flags are neutral at the start of the match and does not prevent one team from respawning if the opposing team has captured all objectives. Additionally, it does not feature a fourth flag with most maps being entirely infantry focused. The only vehicles available are the single tank per team on Arras and Hamada, and one halftrack on Rotterdam that spawns when the enemy team owns all flags.[2]

After completing Basic Training, players are given the option of matchmaking into a Squad Conquest game against players of a similar skill level.



Battlefield VEdit

  • Squad Conquest originally debuted as a limited time game mode January 17th to January 30th, 2019, although it was stated that the gamemode would be added permanently to the game if community feedback is positive.[3] It became a core game mode on May 9th 2019.[4]


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