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For a similar gadget found in Battlefield 3, see Radio Beacon


The Squad Leader Spawn Beacon in-game.

The Squad Leader Spawn Beacon is a Squad Leader upgrade for the game Battlefield 2142.

Battlefield 2142Edit

The Squad Leader Spawn Beacon costs 1 unlock credit to unlock in-game and the player must be a squad leader with at least 1 other player in the squad in order to use it. Players may select the beacon, which is represented as a green dot on the minimap, to respawn at when they die. The beacon spawn point replaces the squad leader's own spawn point. The players spawn above the beacon in a drop pod when they respawn. This can alert the enemy to the presence of the beacon, who can then camp or destroy the beacon.

The Squad Leader Leader Beacon is useful when assaulting a base far inside enemy territory, where no other respawn point is nearby. Many squad leaders will also lay the beacon down on top of the enemy Titan when attacking, allowing for a return to the action.

The beacon must have line-of-sight directly above it to the sky, or the spawn point will not be usable. Devices such as hubs and mines can be used to block the beacon's dish. Spawning on the beacon is also not possible if the team does not own any control points—this allows the opposing force a chance to completely eliminate the stragglers, while they have a slim chance to recover a control point without reinforcements.


  • Any player can carry a spawn beacon, potentially allowing a Squad Leader to reposition the spawn point using a dropped kit (after the leader's own beacon is destroyed).
  • When Friendly fire is disabled, beacons placed on a Titan are invulnerable to weapons, except the crushing damage inflicted by a Supply Crate.