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"With the capacity to carry an entire squad, this version can be a powerful offensive Landship, and at the same time support friendly infantry in its proximity."

— In-game description

The Squad Support Package is a Vehicle Package available in Battlefield 1 for the Mark V Landship. It provides the driver with two weapons: a high-explosive 20mm autocannon, damaging against both infantry and vehicles, mounted at the front, and a lighter Lewis Gun mounted in the rear. The driver can switch between these with the 'switch weapon' button. Using the rear gun forces the tank to remain stationary.

This loadout allows the driver to use the Drop Supplies specializaiton which drops an Ammunition Box and Medkit for use by nearby infantry. It can house two additional gunners, who man two more Hotchkiss machines behind the main sponson turrets. This is ideal for urban combat where infantry are known to require flexible support. This loadout is recoginsable as it fits a triangular mesh grenade deflector to the roof of the tank - as AT grenades explode on impact with vehicles, this is only an aesthetic change.

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