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Staff Cars are automobiles used by senior officers or other important personnel of a country's military force. They are non-combat vehicles that are usually modified versions of civilian cars, although light military vehicles such as the Willys MB were often used to fulfil this role. The term was applicable to the First and Second World Wars, however the distinction has become redundant today as modern day military forces are generally fully motorised.

Battlefield VEdit

"Meant for the discerning auto enthusiast, the Staff Car is a luxury cabriolet offering both speed and comfort. Its military version was used to transport the brass in style."

— In-game description

The Staff Car is a vehicle featured in Battlefield V, currently available only in Firestorm. The vehicle can be found spawned randomly throughout Halvøy, but also can be called in using a Flare Gun as a Squad Reinforcement. It is capable of carrying four people. Two versions of the Staff Car exist - one with the roof canopy retracted and one with it deployed.




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