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"The battle for Stalingrad occurs around the train facilities of that once great city. Pitched battles and sudden death characterise the combat here."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual

The Battle of Stalingrad (Russian: Сталинградская битва) was one of the most pivotal military battles of World War II. The battle was fought from August 23, 1942, to February 2, 1943. German troops were decimated by the defending Soviets in the battle which involved more personnel than any other battle of the war. It is often regarded as one of the bloodiest battles in the history of warfare as it resulted in approximately two million casualties. It is a map featured in Battlefield 1942.


"As enemy troops continue to pound Stalingrad, Stalin's words "not a step backwards" echo in the ears of every Red Army soldier. After the long winter campaign, Russian troops are more determined than ever to maintain control of the city. Even though Germany's armored units have turned much of the city to ruin, the Red Army has been doing a good job of repelling the assault.

According to Intelligence, German forces are gathering for a final all-out assault on the city. If successful, this attack could mean defeat for Russia. It is crucial for every Russian to dig in and hold the city against this invasion. Stalingrad must not fall into enemy hands."

— Soviet Map Briefing

"Soon Berlin's dream of capturing Stalingrad will be a reality. Russian soldiers cannot withstand the superior skill of the German forces. It's true that the enemy has been much more determined than anyone could have imagined, but that doesn't matter anymore - the end is in sight.

German troops have been preparing the final siege on Stalingrad. If the troops can capture this city, Germany will have the momentum it needs to claim final victory over Russia. The Russians know this and are fighting with even more determination than ever before to control their city."

— German Map Briefing


"The Germans will not take Stalingrad! Hold at least half of the outposts to deny them a victory here."

— Soviet campaign briefing

"We will take Stalingrad! If we can capture most of the outposts in the city, the Russians will have lost."

— German campaign briefing

BF1942 Stalingrad campaign

Campaign briefing

The battle for the city centers around the bombed out port and rail facilities where both forces must battle through the bombed out buildings from their respective uncapturable bases to control the 3 capturable points. Being the smallest map in the game, it is largely infantry based with a few armored vehicles and cars available for transport. Due to the map's small size, much action takes place between the flags.

There are several MG42 emplacements situated around the central control point called "Railway". Both teams start off with 2 medium tanks (Panzer IV for the Axis, T-34 85 for the Allies).


Flag of the Soviet Union (1924–1955) Red Army
Light vehicle(s)

Willy MB

Light tank(s)



M2 Browning

Flag Germany 1933 Wehrmacht
Light vehicle(s)


Light tank(s)

Panzer IV




Allied Base[]

The Allied base is in a crater with the River Volga behind it. The layout consists of four bombed-out buildings. There are three MG positions throughout the base, an ammo crate on the hill in the destroyed building east of the flag, and a first aid cabinet located in the orange bricked building near the flagpole. The base spawns two T34-85, a Willys MB and three stationary Brownings.

In singleplayer the Willy and Brownings will not spawn.

Soviet City HQ[]

The Soviet HQ is the closest to the Allied base, inside a four-story building. The first floor has a room with a first aid cabinet to the left, and a staircase. While the second and third floor have nothing of interest, the fourth floor has a large room that can be used as a sniping area. The capture radius is on the fourth floor hugging the walls between the room and the stairways. Outside is an ammunition crate near the front door. Inside the building is a stationary Browning.

In singleplayer, the flag has been moved outside onto the ground west of the building to allow AI access.


The heart of the map. This part of the map is the center of conflict. Consists of several railway-type boxcars and several sandbag walls. The boxcars that are still on the tracks are quite useful for cover, as players who go prone can fire underneath.

Once captured, five MG emplacements will spawn here, depending on the faction that captures it. In singleplayer they will be MG 42 regardless of the faction, and will appear from the beginning.

German City HQ[]

The German city HQ is a reversed clone of the Soviet City HQ. There is a sandbag structure which will spawn a stationary MG 42 once captured (present from start in singleplayer).

In singleplayer, the flag has been moved outside onto the ground east of the building to allow AI access.

Axis Base[]

The Axis base is a train yard inside a warehouse. Two Panzer IV and a Kübelwagen, and a stationary MG 42 spawn here.

In singleplayer, the Kübelwagen will be replaced by a Hanomag.

Capture the Flag[]

The battle is now focused on the north of the map. The German flag is located in the same location as the Axis Base in Conquest, but the Soviet flag is now located in the train yard in the west, directly opposite the German flag.

Near each flag is a light tank (Panzer IV or T34-85) and APC (Hanomag or M3A1).

Railroads is still a neutral and capturable flag, but the five machineguns have been removed.

Team Deathmatch[]

The control point and vehicle layouts are the same as Conquest.


"Berlin must be wondering what it must do to capture this city. With each victory like this, Red Army troops are essentially telling the enemy that there is nothing they can do to overthrow Stalingrad."

— Soviet Victory

"Russia's failure to hold Stalingrad is inexcusable. With this victory, the Germans have gained momentum to overthrow Russia once and for all. After such a long siege, this could be the most important turning point in the entire war on the Eastern Front. Now, more than ever, the Red Army must prepare for the next battle and stand fast against the invaders."

— Soviet Defeat

"Finally, German forces have gained a victory at Stalingrad. The bloodshed on both sides has been beyond belief. Even now, while units from the 2nd Panzer Division patrol the streets, Russian troops and citizens continue to offer resistance. But the end is now in sight. After months of the harshest conditions imaginable, Germany finally can envision the day when it can say that Stalingrad is conquered."

— German Victory

"The siege of Stalingrad lasted for so many months, but finally the Russians held their city along the Volga. Perhaps if German forces had been able to call up more reinforcements things would have turned out differently. Now that Stalingrad is lost, it is unclear what Berlin has in store for its troops on the Eastern Front."

— German Defeat