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Battlefield 1[]

"The advanced high-velocity 75mm gun and searchlight helps this tank find targets and fight them at range, but at the cost of survivability."

— In-game description

The Standoff Assault Package is a vehicle package used by the Saint-Chamond Assault Tank in Battlefield 1. This variant of the tank is intended for engaging both infantry and armored targets at longer ranges than the other options.

The package's main weapon is a high-explosive, high-velocity shell for the 75mm Cannon. The shell from this weapon experiences less drop in flight, and thus has a longer range, making it more effective for engaging distant targets.

Unlike the other two packages, the front heavy machine gun is operated by the driver as a secondary weapon. It has the same field of fire and target as the main cannon. The remaining three heavy machine guns are operated by gunners.

The Spotting Searchlight allows the driver to automatically spot all illuminated targets in front of the tank, while a Smokescreen allows the driver to conceal his own tank.


  • The Standoff package resembles that used by late-model Saint-Chamonds, after they were refitted with a different main cannon.