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Star 1466

The Star 1466 in reality.

The Star 1466 is a Polish 6x6 general utility truck. The successor of the Star 266, production began in 2001 and ceased in 2006. Currently within service of the Polish Army, it was used during peacekeeping operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Battlefield 3Edit

The Star 1466 is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 3.


The Star 1466 is main transport vehicle used by Iranian Army, People's Liberation and Resistance and can be seen used by some Russian VDV forces and Private Military Contractors. It isn't available to use by player at any point.


The BM-23 uses Star 1466 as a mobile platform. It is seen in every Armored Kill map.

Battlefield 4Edit

BF4 vehicle 6x6 Truck Baku

A Star 1466 troop transport as seen on Baku

The Star 1466 is a vehicle featured in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield 4. The vehicle can be seen carrying Russian troops on both Baku and Tashgar, as well as Chinese troops on Shanghai and Singapore. It is used to transport enemies toward engagements with Tombstone Squad, and can be seen seating up to five troops.

It also appears as a static prop on several other levels. Like the M939 from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, it is drivable in some instances, but has very low armor and offers almost no protection from incoming gunfire; while the truck itself is invulnerable to small arms, it's large windows are not bulletproof and leave the driver exposed. Unlike other vehicles, it's health does not recharge. Star 1466 trucks are static objects on all Dragon's Teeth maps. They have green Chinese camo and they are not usable by player.



  • In Battlefield 3, the BM-23 description says it's based on Soviet truck, however, Star 1466 is Polish and it was developed 10 years after downfall of Soviet Union.
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