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For similar content packs in other installments, see Starter Pack

Starter Packs and Booster Packs are paid content packs available in Battlefield V. Initially made available on April 4th, 2019, the packs are obtained with real world money and contain cosmetic items for use in The Company. Packs are one-time-only purchases and cannot be purchased twice.[1]

Starter PacksEdit

Starter Packs are intended to give new players some customization options when starting out, and also give existing players access to both premium cosmetic items and an amount of Battlefield Currency at a discounted price. Currently, two Starter Packs are available, the Starter Pack and Premium Starter Pack, costing $4.99 USD and $29.99 respectively.[2][3]

Starter PackEdit

BFV Starter Pack

Premium Starter PackEdit

BFV Premium Starter Pack

Booster PacksEdit

Booster Packs are specific to Tides of War chapters, and are mainly used to assist players in advancing through Chapter Ranks by granting access to a universal XP boost, a limited number of rank skips and assignments that award chapter XP when completed. They also provide unique cosmetic items not otherwise available in chapter rewards. Booster packs are on sale for a limited time during their associated Tides of War chapter, with XP bonuses only applying to that chapter. Standard Packs typically costs $4.99, with Premium Packs costing $29.99.[4][5]

Chapter 4 Booster PackEdit

BFV Chapter 4 Booster Pack

Chapter 4 Premium Booster PackEdit

BFV Chapter 4 Premium Booster Pack

Chapter 5 Booster PackEdit

BF5 Chapter 5 Booster Pack

Chapter 5 Premium Booster PackEdit

BF5 Chapter 5 Premium Booster Pack

Chapter 6 Premium Booster PackEdit

BF5 Chapter 6 Premium Booster Pack


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