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Sticky Bomb IRL

A No. 74 Sticky Bomb

The Grenade, hand, anti-tank No. 74, commonly referred to as the Sticky Bomb, was a British thrown explosive designed and produced during World War II. The grenade was one of several emergency anti-tank measures resulting from the British evacuation from France in 1940, during which the vast majority of its dedicated anti-tank guns were left behind.

Although originally developed for the Home Guard, the weapon saw use between 1941 and 1943 by regular and commando units of Britain and the Commonwealth, as well as the French Resistance.[1]

Battlefield V[]

"A lighter, but sticky anti tank grenade. Effective against armored targets."

— In-game description

The Sticky Grenade is an anti-tank grenade featured in Battlefield V, issued to the Support kit, unlocked at class rank 9. It is similar to the Light Anti-Tank Grenade of Battlefield 1, being a less damaging alternative to the Anti-Tank Bundle Grenade, although it can be thrown as far as a normal Frag Grenade and does not explode on impact with a vehicle.

It will stick to any object it hits in flight - this may include objects that do not typically interact with grenades, and as such can be stuck to foliage and wire fences. An exception is any German ground vehicle coated with Zimmerit.

The Sticky Grenade is detonated by a fairly long timed fuse of 6 seconds. As with other grenades, it will detonate prematurely by shooting it.