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Battlefield 1Edit

"with cluster bombs and flechette darts, this variant is effective at clearing large areas of soft targets."

— In-game description

The Strategic Bomber Package in Battlefield 1 is the default vehicle package for the Ilya-Muromets.

The package consists of Cluster Bombs and twin HE autocannons mounted under the pilot's seat, both of which are effective in an anti-infantry role. The cluster bombs inflict their damage over a much greater area than those carried by the Bomber. The HE Autocannon can be aimed using the Bomb Sight, with elevation controlled by the pitch of the aircraft. Flying level will allow the guns to fire forward, while banking the aircraft causes the gun to change lateral angle, allowing the pilot to engage ground targets perpendicular to the bomber's movement. The Spotting Camera can be used to identify potential targets.


  • Prior to the February Update, released along with Battlefield 1: Apocalypse, the Strategic Bomber variant was armed with Flechette Darts similar to the Trench Fighter Package for the fighter. This was replaced with a twin HE autocannon in the aforementioned patch, however the package description remained unchanged.
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