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Sturmgeschütz IV IRL

One of the last surviving Sturmgeschütz IVs at the Armoured Weapons Museum, Land Forces Training Centre, Poznań, Poland.

The Sturmgeschütz IV (abbreviated to StuG IV) was a German tank destroyer that was used during the later stages of World War II. The tank was built from mounting the Sturmgeschütz III superstructure on top of the chassis of a Panzer IV. This was the result of production of the StuG III being unable to meet demand due to an Allied bombing raid on the manufacturer of the StuG III in November 1943. Over the course of December 1943 to May 1945, 1,108 StuG IVs were produced, with an additional 31 StuG IVs constructed from damaged Panzer IV hulls.[1]

Battlefield VEdit

"The Stug IV was a German assault gun. These were used to support infantry attacks, as they were able to destroy bunkers and other dug in positions. Some were also fitted with potent anti-tank cannons, making them excellent counters to enemy armor, using defensive and ambushing tactics. Over a thousand were built until the end of the war."

— In-game description

The Sturmgeschütz IV is a tank destroyer set to be introduced in Battlefield V in the second Tides of War chapter, Lightning Strikes. It was first seen in the teaser trailer for the chapter and can be unlocked for the Axis forces for 100 Company Coins Logo BFV.[2]