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For similar aircraft, see Su-37 Flanker-F and Su-35BM Flanker-E
Sukhoi Su-30

A Russian Airforce Su-30 in-flight

The Sukhoi Su-30 (Russian: Сухой Су-30, NATO reporting name: Flanker-C) is a twin-engine, two-seat military aircraft developed by Russia's Sukhoi Aviation Corporation. It is a multirole fighter for all-weather, air-to-air and air-to-surface deep interdiction missions. The Su-30 appears in Battlefield 2 as the Su-30MKK, the Chinese import of Su-30 with more advanced upgradations. It is a strike fighter for the People's Liberation Army.

Battlefield 2[]

The Su-30 is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 2, fulfilling the role of a strike fighter for the PLA and as one of the three fixed-wing aircraft operated by the PLA (J-10, Su-30, Q5 Fantan). Its counterparts are the USMC and EU F-15, and the MEC Su-34. It appears only on Daqing Oilfields.

Like its counterparts, it has an armament made to take out soft targets and armored vehicles on the ground (five high-drag bombs and sixteen air-to-ground missiles) rather than for dogfighting (only four heat-seeking missiles compared to a fighter jet's six).


The Su-30 should be used to support ground troops by bombing concentrations of enemy ground forces. Another player that controls laser-guided missiles for destroying ground armor can enter the Su-30, further improving its anti-surface capabilities.

Like other fixed-wing aircraft, the Su-30 is a considerable threat to helicopters, as a short, well-aimed burst of cannon fire or two air-to-air missiles will destroy it, coupled with the aircraft's speed. It is most recommended to fire a burst of cannon fire on the first attack, as the opposing helicopter may have flares ready, which can be used to cause air-to-air missiles to miss the target.


The Su-30 was also planned to be introduced with Euro Force as a MEC bomber, but was cut at an unknown stage during development. Its only reference is a line in the files of the map Operation Smoke Screen, where in the 32 player version, a vehicle with the code AFB_SU30 will replace one Eurofighter Typhoon if the MEC captures the Refinery Outpost control point (in the release version, this control point serves as the EU main base and is uncapturable).

Its object spawner template is titled CP_32p_OSS_RefineryOutpost_bomb. As the EU has no unique bomber (the Eurofighter is the counterpart of other fighter aircraft such as the MiG-29), it could be suggested that another cut vehicle, the Harrier, would have taken this position. On Taraba Quarry, another map that features the EU and aircraft, the F-15 takes the role of the EU bomber.


  • Although the plane can drop 5 bombs, only 3 bombs are actually fitted into the aircraft. The exact same goes other aircrafts of the same class: F-15 and Su-34.
  • In the code, the Su-30 is referred to as air_su30mkk. However, in the files of the official Battlefield 2 Editor, there is the line:
CH_US_Fi_bomb	AFB_SU30 USAIR_F15
This suggests that the code for the Su-30 has been updated in an unknown patch, or even before the official release of Battlefield 2. The only remaining trace of AFB_SU30 is in the files of Euro Force described above.

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