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"The Sudnik VP Anti-Vehicle weapon fires a single optically guided missile with a shaped charge capable of penetrating over two feet of steel plate. The multiple stages of the shaped charge allow the Sudnik to by pass traditional reactive armors without sacrificing the overall effectiveness of the weapon system."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The Sudnik VP is a Russian rocket launcher in Battlefield 2142.

In Battlefield 2142, the Sudnik VP is the standard anti-vehicle rocket launcher of the Pan-Asian Coalition Army and is issued to the Engineer. Unlike the Mitchell AV-18, the Sudnik fires only one guided rocket, but it does the same damage to armored vehicles as all four of the Mitchell's rockets. The Sudnik can also damage Titan components (consoles, hallway shields, reactor cores), but not commander resources.

By holding Fire, the player can manually guide the rocket towards distant targets. The rocket must remain in line of sight, and has a limited turning radius. Enemy vehicles may be alerted whenever the weapon is aimed their way.

Unlike many of Battlefield's rocket launchers, none of the anti-vehicle weapons in Battlefield 2142 produce significant splash damage.