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The Support class is featured in Battlefield 2042. In the base game, Angel, Falck and Irish are classified as Support Specialists. In the Battlefield Portal, the Support class is featured in the Battlefield 3 collection.

Battlefield 2042[]

"Support Specialists are essential to teammates who want to stay in the fight. Reviving, resupplying ammo, and handing out suppressive equipment, Supports let fellow No-Pats engage in sustained combat. The Support Class is composed of Specialists Falck, Angel, and Irish."

— Website description

"Reinforce - Supply - Revive"

— In-game description

The Support is one of the four classes featured in the base game of Battlefield 2042. It consists of Angel, Falck and Irish. Support Specialists are proficient in using submachine guns and able to draw the weapon faster.

As their role suggests, Supports excel in helping teammates through reviving, healing and resupplying with Defibrillator, Medical Crate, Medical Pouch, Ammo Crate and Ammo Pouch, as well as covering their advance with the Smoke Grenade Launcher and providing area denial with M18 Claymore.

Battlefield Portal[]

Battlefield 3[]

The Support is available within the Battlefield 3 collection. The class features updated models of United States and Russia of their original counterparts and function in a similar manner. The Support has access to light machine guns as well as several weapons shared with other classes. It is also equipped with the SPRNT Specialization, increasing sprinting speed by 10%.

The Support is the only class in the collection that is capable of using the Ammo Box to resupply ammunition to teammates. It also is capable of taking on an anti-personnel or anti-armor role through the use of the M18 Claymore and C4.


  • The United States Support appears to wear a USMC Lightweight Helmet.
  • The Russian Support wears a blue tel'nik (Russian: тельня́шка) signifying him being VDV or GRU Spetsnaz.
  • The Russian Support carries a Cold Steel Shovel that some Spetsnaz use as a close quarter and throwing weapon.
  • The Russian Support wears a K6-3 Titanium bulletproof helmet worn by Russian special operation teams like the MVDs, SOBR, and OMON police units.