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Battlefield 1Edit

"This variant provides support for ground forces with air dropped supplies, smoke cover, and incendiary cluster bombs that can deny a large area to enemies."

— In-game description

The Support Bomber Package in Battlefield 1 is a vehicle package for the Ilya-Muromets.

The package consists of a bombload of chemical munitions, including Incendiary Cluster Bombs and Gas Bombs, allowing the bomber to perform offensive area-denial duties. In addition, the Supply Drop ability can be used to directly support the pilot's team on the ground through resupplies and medical aid. The Supply Drop lasts until another is dropped or until pilot death.


  • This package originally had access to a Smoke Bomb that could be dropped to create a smokescreen on the ground. Due to the weapon's limited applications, it was replaced with the Gas Bomb in a later patch, however the in-game description was not updated to reflect this.
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