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"The Russians were planning some ultimate weapon down in South America. But this spook, Aguire, had us retrieve a server with the information he needed to pull the plug on them. How hard could that be?"

Preston Marlowe

Surprise Delivery is the first mission in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 iOS. The mission picks up after Bravo One Charlie recovers the data server in Snowblind. After the helicopter carrying Aguire's server is shot down, the player works with Redford to clear out a Latin American Militia camp while heading to the crash site.


Bravo One Charlie is sent by Agent Aguire to transport a server with information that holds the key to stopping the Russians from using an ultimate weapon that is being developed in South America. During the helicopter ride, Marlowe questions Redford if they can trust Aguire and his men or not, only for Redford to reply that they have their orders. Flynn had been flying through the area for years and stated that the inhabitants were neutral. As such, Redford said of how nothing would happen, only to be interrupted with an RPG striking the other helicopter that holds the server. Redford quickly questions Flynn's intelligence over the area being neutral, only for Flynn to reply, "Yeah. Lots of militia. Shoot at everyone. So, you know, neutral.".

Redford then orders they land so that they can search for survivors in the wreck of the other helicopter and recover the server. He orders Sweetwater and Haggard to stay aboard the Blackhawk with Flynn while he and Marlowe go and scout the area and secure the crash site. It is at this point that the game's tutorial begins. After completing the exercises, Redford and Marlowe engage enemy forces in numerous fire fights through camps and military checkpoints as they make their way toward the crash site.