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Sweet Spot is a gameplay feature introduced in Battlefield 1.

The majority of single-action rifles available to the Scout make use of this mechanic, which allows the rifle to deal 100 or more damage when hitting the body of a target within a specific range. This allows these weapons to kill in a single shot without hitting the head, the only means of achieving such a kill in past games was with the use of standard sniper rifles available to the kit. Each single-action rifle that possesses a sweet spot has different, specific ranges at which the ability activates.

On launch, the ability to exploit the sweet spot potential of the rifle required map familiarization, estimation using distance markers to objectives or the use of the rangefinding Trench Periscope. Since the May 2018 update, a depth of field effect is applied to scoped single-action rifles to allow the user to identify if the target is within their sweet spot range, with enemies outside the range appearing blurry and those inside appearing clearer. The setting can be toggled on or off in the options menu. Additionally, an alternative Scope Glint effect was introduced in the update. Players within the sweet spot of an enemy sniper, when looking towards the shooter's position, will see a rainbow glare instead of a white glare produced by the sniper scope, warning the player of their increased vulnerability.

The Gewehr M.95 and Carcano M91 Carbine do not have a sweet spot on any of their variants. The Russian 1895 Trench and Cavalry variants, and the M1903 Experimental variant in semi-automatic (the bolt action fire mode has the same sweet spot as any other M1903 variant) also do not possess sweet spots.

Name Description Sweet Spot
SMLE MKIII All Variants 40-75m
Gewehr 98 All Variants 80-125m
Russian 1895 Sniper, Infantry Variant 60-100m
M1903 All Variants (Experimental variant Bolt-Action mode only) 100-150m
Martini-Henry All Variants 30-80m
Lebel Model 1886 (TSNP) All Variants 50-87m
Mosin-Nagant M91 (TSAR) All Variants 60-98.5m
Vetterli-Vitali M1870/87 (TSAR) All Variants 20-50m
General Liu Rifle (TSAR) All Variants (Bolt-Action mode) 80-125m
Type 38 Arisaka (TIDE) All Variants 30-62.5m
Ross MkIII (APOC) All Variants 40-75m
M1917 Enfield (APOC) All Variants 100-150m