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A custom crew-cab F-650 in reality.

The Ford F-650 Super Duty is an American medium duty commercial truck produced by a joint venture of Ford Motor Company and Navistar International.

Battlefield Hardline[]

The Syndicate Crew Cab is featured in Battlefield Hardline. It is a large transport truck, and serves as the Criminals' Mobile Spawn Point. It is the equivalent of the Law Enforcement's Mobile Command Post.

The vehicle, including its windows, is completely bulletproof, and can only be damaged by explosives or vehicle weapons. Due to the vehicle's enormous size, it can easily traverse any terrain, and can push objects and other vehicles out of its way. Each of the passengers is armed with a Firing Port Weapon, enabling them to fight off approaching enemies, and deal light damage to unarmored vehicles.

The vehicle can only be entered by players on the Criminal side. Upon entering the cab, player health is automatically restored to full health, and ammo is automatically resupplied.