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Syrette IRL

A US Army morphine syrette

The Syrette is a device for injecting liquid through a needle. It is similar to a Syringe except that it has a closed flexible tube instead of a rigid tube and piston. It was developed by what is now the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.

The morphine syrette used in World War II had a wire loop pin with a guard in the end of the hollow needle that was used to break a seal where the needle was attached to the tube. It was similar to a Superglue tube. After breaking the seal, the wire loop pin was removed and the hollow needle was inserted under the skin at a shallow angle and the tube flattened between the thumb and fingers. After injection the used tube was pinned to the receiving soldier's collar to inform others of the dose administered.[1]

Battlefield VEdit

The Healing Syrette is a gadget featured in Battlefield V in the Firestorm gamemode. Like other items, the gadget is scattered around Halvøy. The gadget is the only means for a player to self-heal themselves, or teammates when close. Once used it restores 25% of health. Syrettes share the same appearance with the First Aid Pack when seen on the ground. Up to eight syrettes are able to be held at any time.

It is also available in the Practice Range and is known as the Syrette Buff. Due to the nature of the Practice Range, it does not serve any purpose other than allowing the player to inject themselves.



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