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"When the widespread climatic changes severely altered the Earth's landscape, the PAC military developed an assault vehicle to handle these new diverse conditions by employing a more versatile anthropoid structure. Later duplicated by the EU forces in the form of the L5 Riesig, the PAC T-39 Bogatyr Battlewalker changed the face of warfare forever. The T-39 Bogatyr is the most recent adaptation, shielded with full-coated, high-impact armor and an embedded ADS and supplied with an assortment of attack options, counting radar-guided, high-damage impulse rockets and a pair of heavy-duty auto-cannons."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The T-39 Bogatyr as it appears in Battlefield 2142.

The T-39 Bogatyr (Russian: Т-39 Богатырь, or "Strongman") is an advanced Russian Battle Walker used by the Pan-Asian Coalition in the 22nd Century. It is seen in Battlefield 2142.

The Bogatyr is arguably more powerful in terms of weaponry than the Riesig, with its high powered plasma auto-cannons. However, the rate of fire of the Riesig's gatling guns make up for the loss of brute force.



  • Two Heavy Duty Non-Plasma Auto-Cannons (100mm shells)
  • Two Radar Guided Impulse Rocket Racks (with 80 rockets)
  • One Top Mounted AA/Support High Caliber MG
  • Two Thermal Guided EMP AA Missile Tubes


  • Full Coated- High Impact Composite Armour


  • ADS


  • One Pilot
  • One Gunner


  • One High Powered Drive Engine
  • Two Pistol Hydraulic Armoured Traversal Legs


Early Bogatyr blueprints at the Karelia facility.

  • It is possible to crouch with the T-39 Bogatyr by pressing the Prone Key (Default: Z). This, however, does not affect accuracy in any way and renders the vehicle immoblie, but may help the driver to take cover more readily in urban combat.
  • The Battlefield 4: Final Stand map Giants of Karelia takes place in and around a facility producing early Bogatyr prototypes. Its blueprints can be found on a wall in the main construction area, where it is referred to plainly as "Walker", likely due to it being the first vehicle of its kind at the time.