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The T-14 Armata is a fourth generation Russian main battle tank, introduced in 2015 as part of the Armata Universal Combat Platform. The tank features a number of improvements over the earlier T-90 in terms of armament, fire control and active protection systems, however the vehicle is perhaps most notable for its use of a completely automated turret, with the crew of three housed in an armored capsule in the frontal hull. Although Russia initially planned to procure 2,300 T-14s, as of 2021 only a test batch of 100 have been approved for delivery.

A future variant appears in Battlefield 2042 dubbed the "T-28U" with a crew of four and added coaxial machine gun. It was first seen in the Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI).

Battlefield 2042[]

"Next generation Russian MBT, the T-28U is armed with advanced autoloading main gun able to fire a range rounds from 2-8 km."

— In-game description

The T28 is a Heavy Armor vehicle featured in Battlefield 2042. It is main battle tank of the Russian Ground Forces faction, and confronts USMC's M1A5 in all maps. As with many ground vehicles, the T28 can be requested for call-in, either from the Spawn Screen or while in-field.

It can seat four players. The driver operates the main cannon with one of three available types of ammunition, and a coaxial machine gun. The top gunner can be equipped with one of three heavy weapon systems, including a TOW Missile. The forward gunner operates a weapon pod, and the spotter (commander) operates the Sensor Array and Detection Pulse.

Although the in-game description mentions that the T28 has an "advanced self-loading main gun", not only its rate-of-fire, but the overall performance of the T28 seems to be no different from the M1A5. The T28 does benefit from its slightly smaller size.

One mechanic brought forward from Battlefield V is limited turret traversal speed. This prevents the heavy turret from being aimed as quickly as a PC player can move their mouse. Compared to tanks of earlier games, this makes a tank more approachable by infantry.

The MPAT Shell is the default type of ammunition used for anti-armor with inferior anti-personnel capability, it will take 4 of 5 reserve rounds to destroy enemy MBTs from front (28 per hit on turret, 22 on chassis). When facing MAV, 1 round on front will be 15 damage, while other situation is 20.

Although the blast radius of shells in 2042 is slightly lower compared to the previous two games in the series, due to the presence of EMKV-90 TOR, the anti-personnel HE Shell is still the first choice for MBTs in most cases. Its firing rate and reserve reload speed is faster than the MPAT's, but the anti-armor damage is also correspondingly reduced. 15/19 to MBTs, 13/19 to MAV, and 23/30 to EBAA Wildcat (Ram and Bolte are even weaker). Like the MPAT Shells, HE Shells have a maximum reserve of 5 rounds, and also the slowest turret rotation speed of the three.

For the current version of the game, the STAFF Shell however, does not have an ammunition reserve. After firing, it will start reloading at a speed similar to the HE fire rate, making it the most sustained firepower among the three types of shells. The STAFF Shell itself has the ability to correct trajectory for aiming targets, but it is far from being considered Fire and Forget. In fact, due to the slow projectile velocity of the STAFF Shell, it is very difficult to hit moving targets, with a lot of lead in front required to hit moving targets. It is capable of locking onto enemy vehicles that are laser designated by allies, but this feature is very situational. The STAFF Shell has a damage of 16/21 to MBTs. Overall, it is the least recommended as its anti-infantry damage is comparable to the MPAT.

The Active Protection System works similarly to that of Battlefield 4. An APS device will be added on the turret after selected. When activated, the APS will have a visual effect of green lights on and intercept most of enemy's projectiles for a certain period of time. This does not include APFSDS from EMKV90-TOR or regular projectiles launched from very close range. After running for a while, it will enter a recharge phase where it will have a red light glowing on and off. The APS shares the same slot with Repair System.

As with many ground vehicles, selecting different types of ammunition will change the cannon's appearance and turret rotation speed.



  • This vehicle bears no relation to the U.S. T28 super heavy tank (referred to in-game as the T95) from World War II.
  • In previous versions, the name "HE Shell" has been repeatedly changed to "HEAT Shell" (same thing happened on M1A5, as well as various weapon pods).
  • Some dismantled T28 can be seen at C1 point on the Stranded map.
  • The cannon appearance of T28 after selecting STAFF Shell appears to be came from K2 Black Panther's Rh-120 L/55, while the HEAT Shell appears to be came from Iranian "Karrar".