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T-28 IRL

T28 in real life.

The T95, also known as the T28, was an American prototype super-heavy tank designed during the late period of World War II by Pacific Car and Foundry. The T95 was a juggernaut tank weighing over 86 metric tons, stretching 11m long, 4.4m wide and nearly 3m high. It had a fixed 105mm gun and armor as thick as 300mm (12'), though it was extremely slow. The tank was just an experimental project, though it was designed in response to the defenses of the Siegfried Line and the expected invasion of Japan.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The T95 is a vehicle featured in the Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion, issued to the United States Army. It has two positions: one driver who drives and has the main cannon at their disposal, and one gunner who uses a top mounted M2 Browning with a ballistic shield. The main cannon has 30 rounds in reserve, and the M2 has 500 rounds. It boasts exceptional firepower, its main gun having equivalent firepower to a defgun or destroyer. It is one of the slowest and the largest ground vehicles in the game, making it very prone to enemy fire, but compensates for this with its extremely thick armor. Despite this, it is not invincible and has its weaknesses: its rear uses the same material file as medium and heavy tanks, and as such is vulnerable to other tanks. Its turret is also incapable of turning more in than an approximately 90 degree arc, making it prone to flanking.