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TNT attached to a timer in real life.

TNT (Trinitrotoluene) is a chemical compound that is commonly used as an explosive material for military and industrial applications. It is featured in many installments of the Battlefield Series.

Battlefield 1942[]

In Battlefield 1942, ExpPacks are issued to Engineer kits. It is very powerful, being able to kill/destroy anything except warships with one or two blocks, and has a very large blast radius. It is effective against tanks, but its disadvantage is that it requires the user to get in close to plant it on a desired position/vehicle, and then manually detonate it.


Battlefield Vietnam[]

In Battlefield Vietnam, TNT is issued to one of the two Heavy Assault kits of the NVA and Vietcong, along with the SA-7 missile launcher. TNT is used to take out enemy vehicles or to boobytrap objectives. In servers where friendly fire is turned off, TNT can even be used as a close-quarters weapon, since the explosion won't damage the player.

The player is given a total of 4 packs of TNT.

World War II Mod[]

In the World War II Mod, TNT is given to the first Engineer kit of both factions. Despite being internally a different weapon coded under the name WWIIExpPack, it is otherwise identical, including appearance, to the base game TNT.


Battlefield Heroes[]

"Tossin this bundle of bombs at a vehicle will cause it to stick delivering a powerful blast!"

— In-Game Description

Sticky TNT is an explosive featured in Battlefield Heroes for all classes. It is the main defense of the majority of classes against Tanks and other land vehicles. As the name implies, it will stick to any surface once thrown. It can be thrown at medium distance but the explosive radius is quite low. Despite this, the Sticky TNT is a powerful explosive. With a four-second timer, two-three TNT will destroy a tank or plane at full armor.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, TNT makes a brief appearance during the opening mission, Operation Aurora. Before entering the sub pens, a large metal door is in the way. The player is ordered to place TNT on it to blow it open. Only one can be placed at a time. If a player tries to place more than one, the previous one will disappear.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

"Explosive compound bound with adhesive material. Can be stuck to most dry surfaces and manually detonated. Keep a safe distance."

— In-game description

TNT replaces C4 in the Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion. Functioning in a similar manner, it is given to the Recon kit along with the binoculars.

Battlefield 2042[]

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TNT is a gadget featured in Battlefield 2042. Only available in the Battlefield Portal, it functions in a similar manner to its counterpart in Battlefield 1942.


  • The cut Wirecutters produce a set of non-detonatable TNT.