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"The Tactical Toolkit increases interaction speed on objectives, be it planting Heist charges, taking cash from Blood Money vaults, untying Rescue hostages, and more!."

— In-game description

The Tactical Tool Kit is a gadget introduced in the Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity expansion. The Tool Kit reduces the time it takes for the player to interact with objectives in any gamemode, including setting or defusing vault charges or recovering the loot in Heist, capturing objectives in Conquest, looting vaults in Blood Money, and untying hostages in Rescue.

It functions as a passive gadget for the Enforcer, like Stunt Driver and Stealth Training, and is always active when equipped. However, the player will have to choose the Tool Kit over one of the other Enforcer gadgets, so the if the player is planning on primarily focusing on gamemode objectives then the gadget will be very useful to the player. If the player will be working alone or in a supporting role for the team, then using another gadget will more beneficial to the player as they will have more personal equipment to use in a firefight.



  • The Tactical Tool Kit's model on the Battlefield website are actually just the gloves and forearms of the SWAT Enforcer. The gadget's loadout image is of both the SWAT and Thief Enforcer gloves.
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