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A Tank is a heavily armored land vehicle, capable of withstanding nearly any small-arms fire. The large-caliber guns are able to pierce any armor, and the co-axial guns can mow down infantry and deal large amounts of damage to light-armored vehicles.

One tank typically holds 2 players, the primary position having control of the tank and the turret which has the tank's Main Cannon and side weapon, and the secondary gunner having control of the heavy machine gun in front of the hatch.

Battlefield 1942

Tanks in Battlefield 1942 come in two categories: Light Tanks and Heavy Tanks.

Light Tanks have two seats: The Driver controls the vehicles movement and its main gun alongside a co-axial machine gun; while the gunner controls an MG (in the case of the Calliope, the rockets replace the MG) on the top of the tank.

Heavy tanks can take more and deal more damage compared to their light tank counterparts in exchange for losing the second seat.

The Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome expansion introduces, rather erroneously, Armored Cars in the form of the M3 Grant and CA M-11/39. These vehicles work similar to light tanks but have casemated main guns, limiting the angle for which it can attack. While the gunner seat is protected in the turret.

Battlefield Vietnam

Battlefield 2

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Battlefield 3

Unlocks are available for each faction's main battle tank. Tanks also gain the ability to boost, and for a third occupant to provide extra eyes via CITV Station.

Tanks are weak from behind as there is little armor there. One RPG-7V2/SMAW rocket, tank AP shell, or tank destroyer HE shell can disable a tank. Tanks can also suffer hits to top armor when struck by laser designated weaponry. (Aircraft weaponry inflicts the same damage regardless of attack angle, unless laser-designated.)

Battlefield 4

The Vehicle specialization has once again been upgraded. Tanks can now employ more advanced weapons and upgrades and there are separate specializations for the Machine Gun turret. The Machine Guns on tanks in Battlefield 4 do much less damage on infantry when compared to Battlefield 3. Along with all other vehicles in Battlefield 4, tanks can have a camouflage equipped to help them blend in or stand out on the battlefield.

The tank's main weapon now has a limited number of rounds that may be carried in a reserve ammo rack, although total ammunition is unlimited. Reloading from the rack is quick, but the rack itself must be reloaded. Reloading from the main supply is much slower, whether to the main weapon or a depleted rack. This makes tanks more vulnerable after a long engagement, without making them dependent on supply drops as they were in Battlefield 2 or 2142.

Battlefield 1

A wider variety of tanks appears in Battlefield 1, each having varying roles. In a departure for previous games, teams have a set amount of spawns of "Heavy Vehicles", with players choosing which distinct vehicle to deploy with upon spawning in. Different packages are available for each type, which alters the number of seats within, and the armament provided to each position. Reflecting their first-generation capability, these tanks are less maneuverable than modern main battle tanks, but many of them have plenty of gunner positions.

Battlefield V

Battlefield V also features a wide variety of tanks. Vehicles are once again faction-specific - for example, selecting a heavy tank as the British will deploy a Churchill Mk VII while the Wehrmacht are instead provided a Tiger I. Players may choose freely from the standard lineup of tanks when a tank spawn is available.

Also in the game are a number of specialized vehicles that can only be called in by squad leaders as part of the Squad Reinforcement system. These vehicles are also faction-specific, with tanks such as the Churchill Crocodile and the Sturmtiger being allocated only to their respective teams.

Returning from Battlefield 1942, tanks depend mainly on stationary Supply Stations for armament and repairs. Turret traversal rates are slower overall, one more factor making them less self-sufficient than in previous titles.

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